Center Mission

The non-partisan Center for the Study of Texas Politics was created in the 2002-2003 academic year to develop opportunities for North Texans to interact with Texas’ leading policy-makers while simultaneously enhancing the quality of instruction, research and service that exists in the School of Social Sciences at UTD. The objectives are achieved through the Center’s sponsored programs that bring state leaders to our campus to discuss topics of interest to the study of Texas politics with the UTD community, others in the region’s educational community, local officials, and community leaders.

In addition to fostering discussions through the Center’s programs, the Center is dedicated to further enhancing UTD’s position as an institution of higher learning where the study of Texas politics and policy-making is among the best in the state. We accomplish this by offering two full-time graduate fellowships for students interested in the study of Texas politics. These students participate in the Center’s programs as well as research and educational opportunities related to Texas’ politics and public policy.

At the undergraduate level, the Center is dedicated to teaching our brightest young scholars, the McDermott Scholars and the Collegium V Scholars, leadership skills, and an overall appreciation of Texas Politics. By exposing academically gifted young scholars to some of Texas’ greatest leaders of the day, we foster opportunities for mentoring and inspiration that creates a richer educational experience for our students. Finally, the Center for the Study of Texas Politics, like the University of Texas at Dallas itself, is dedicated to providing leadership and opportunities for the North Texas region. Through our programs, North Texans are given opportunities to interact with state leaders that would not exist were it not for the Center’s programs.


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