Teaching Leadership

One of the most important programs of the Center for the Study of Texas politics is the teaching of leadership to our exceptional student body. UTD’s students consistently rate among the very best in the country. We believe that this requires UTD to prepare these students to assume leadership roles in our society. UTD believes that this experience must not be limited to academics, but that it also requires exposure to civic leaders who demonstrate the nobility of public service through their actions. By inviting a cross-section of the leaders from all parts the state, we try to inspire each of our young scholars to assume an active role in our civic culture. Visiting leaders address the students in a formal presentation to the Leadership seminar. Students then have an opportunity to interact with our guests more informally. The students in our leadership seminar come from the McDermott Scholars Program and the Collegium V Honors program and the class size is limited to ensure individual attention. In addition to Leadership Seminars, students are given an opportunity to participate in Texas Center Capitol Days when the legislature is in session.

   Leadership Seminars




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