Texas Biomedical Device Center

The Texas Biomedical Device Center (TxBDC) consists of a world class team of scientists, engineers, medical doctors, regulatory experts, students and industry experts committed to improving lives through biomedical therapy.

Conditions affecting the brain and nervous system are extremely common, debilitating, and incurable. No effective treatments currently exist to restore normalcy to these patients’ lives.

Our teams strive to understand the mechanisms responsible for learning and communication within the brain and nervous system. We develop technologies and therapies designed to detect even subtle changes in brain performance, quantify impairments, and ultimately direct healing by harnessing the neurological system’s natural ability to adapt and reorganize.

TxBDC recognizes that performing great science is not enough – to affect real change, patients must have access to the therapies. Regulatory compliance, manufacturing processes, affordability, and the end user are kept in mind throughout our development cycle. In doing so, we will drive economic activity in North Texas, create a well-trained and highly in-demand technical workforce, promote patient independence, and ultimately reduce human suffering.

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