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Millions of Americans suffer from neurological injuries: strokes (800,000 each year), traumatic brain injuries (2.2 million each year), spinal cord injuries (282,000 with 17,000 new cases each year), peripheral nerve damage, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease (more than 5 million), tinnitus and multiple sclerosis. Conditions affecting the brain and nervous system are extremely common and debilitating and no effective treatments currently exist to restore normalcy to these patients’ lives.

Researchers at TxBDC have repeatedly shown that Targeted Plasticity Therapy (TPT) can enhance recovery of motor and sensory deficits resulting from severe neurological injury in both animal models and patients. Without critical investments, this promising therapy will fail to reach the millions suffering from neurological disorders.

TxBDC is dedicated to (1) developing this platform technology for reorganizing the nervous system to treat neurological injuries and disease and to (2) dramatically reducing the cost of delivery of this therapy to patients.

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