First-Year Leaders

Caroline Lee
Senior from Katy, Texas
Major: Psychology
Minor: Gender Studies

Why did you decide to attend UT Dallas?
I went to UTD because it was not too close to home, not too far away, not too big of a campus, not too small, not too rural, not too urban. To quote goldilocks, it was “just right.”

What do you like about UT Dallas?

UTD is great in that…
1.) It attracts a huge mix of people from a plethora of backgrounds. If you get to know them, they’ll teach you the world and become your family.
2.) The main campus is very compact. It’s easy to walk across campus in ten minutes or less.
3.) We invite and love weirdness. “I see that you’re sporting a Scottish kilt and green hair. Let’s be friends.”

List some clubs and organizations you are or have been involved in at UT Dallas.

Onomatopoeia (Flash mob and improvisation society), Peer Advisor, First Year Leader for UNIV1010, The Writing Corner (UTD’s creative writing club), Undergraduate Advisory Council, Residential Housing Association, A Modest Proposal (UTD student opinion publication), UTD TV Volunteer Actor, Emerging Leaders Program, Engaged Leaders Program, UTD Convocation Committee, Orientation Team Mentor, Recreational Bollywood Dance Class at the Activity Center, Cause and Action

What has been your favorite/best experience at UT Dallas so far?

My best experience at UTD has been the late night conversations I’ve had with my friends. Note: The best, more honest conversations are had after 10pm. The later, the better.

What did you learn about college life that you didn’t know before?

Discretion is important. As a college student you have to pick and choose what’s most important and focus on those priorities. If you try to put your all in everything, you’ll end up in a big mess. This advice applies to everything from school involvement to relationships.

What do you like to do to unwind after class?

Laugh and make silly jokes with my Onomatopoeia friends, write, do random/spontaneous things because they sound fun

Why did you decide to become a First Year Leader (FYL)?

I became a First Year Leader because I thought it was a great opportunity to help students grow and to help myself grow.

Is there anything you wish you did during your freshman year that you didn’t?

I wish that I made deeper connections with the people I cared about instead of being in like six different organizations. Students often get so caught up with classes, getting involved with school, being in a relationship, etc. that they forget to focus on the people they care about most.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshman class?

Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool. I know many students who don’t speak up in class, who need to go everywhere their friends go, and who are afraid to take on challenges because they may fail. You’re supposed to be silly and take risks in college. Everyone has to get serious once they run off into the working world, so enjoy the time you have left.


Updated: August 15, 2012