First-Year Leaders

Daniela Rodriguez
Senior from Wylie, Texas
Major: Chemistry

Why did you decide to attend UT Dallas?
Because it was close to home and cheaper than the other places I was accepted to.

What do you like about UT Dallas?

I like the kind of people I get to interact with every day. My friends and acquaintances all represent different cultures and ideas, while at the same time having in mind the goals of doing what they love and having a successful graduation.

List some clubs and organizations you are or have been involved in at UT Dallas.

Christians on Campus, Chemistry Student Association (CSA), Golden Key International Honor Society, WeTeach

What has been your favorite/best experience at UT Dallas so far?

There are too many to choose from to have ONE favorite, so one of the best experiences I have had was getting to research an interesting topic under a professor that truly cares about the future of her students.

What did you learn about college life that you didn’t know before?

I have come to learn that college is not about getting the best grades or having the “right” major, but learning about what makes you passionate and making that into a profession.

What do you like to do to unwind after class?

Sleep! Or read my Kindle (preferably outside if the weather is nice) or hang out with my friends (whether it be at the SU or off campus somewhere).

Why did you decide to become a First Year Leader (FYL)?

I decided to become a FYL because I wanted to be able to help freshmen have an awesome college experience like the one I have been having. :]

Is there anything you wish you did during your freshman year that you didn’t?

I wish I had gone to more events on campus. I spent a lot of time being shy and hiding from the world in general so I missed out on a lot of fun events I could have attended.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshman class?

Whatever you do, DON’T PROCRASTINATE!


Updated: August 15, 2012