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The Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual is a comprehensive reference of policies, procedures and general information concerning the operation of The University of Texas at Dallas. Materials contained in this Manual are intended solely for the use of employees and members of the University to assist in the performance of their duties. All statutes, Rules and Regulations of the State of Texas, Rules and Regulation of the Board of Regents, administrative actions, policy statements and official University publications take precedence over and supersede any and all statements contained in this Manual.


This Manual is divided into nine (9) major sections or functions:
A. General Administration
B. Accounting and Finance
C. Budgeting and Expenditure Control
D. Personnel (Human Resources)
General Administration
Accounting and Finance
Budgeting and Expenditure Control
Facilities and Services
Plant and Property
Security and Safety
Business Procedures Memorandum
  E. Purchasing
F. Facilities and Services
G. Institutional Plant and Property
H. Security and Safety
I. Business Procedure Memorandums

Each major section, except Section I, is subdivided into pertinent subjects which are further divided into specific subtopics. Included at the beginning of each section is a detailed outline/subject index for specific reference. Exhibits referenced in each section are found at the end of that particular section.

Section I contains Business Procedure Memorandums which are referred to throughout the Manual. These memorandums concern subjects which frequently change or have not yet been incorporated into the main body of the Manual.


The major sections are divided into general subjects which are then further broken down into specific subtopics. Each subject is classified by a alphanumeric reference number, which includes the section letter followed by a subtopic number and a specific page number; i.e., the number H2-120.0, represents Section H - Security and Safety, Subtopic 2 - Security of Facilities and Personnel, Page 120.0 - Security of Buildings.

The Subject Index provides a convenient method to reference any subtopic. To locate a particular subtopic in the Manual, refer to the Subject Index and obtain the complete reference number. For example, if the user desired information regarding the custodial services' hours of operation, the user would find "Working Hours, Custodial Service" listed in the Subject Index as G6-120.0. He/she would turn to the appropriate alphabetical section and find the subject page number located at the top right corner of the page along with the subject. The subtopic name is located at the left above the main body of text.

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Manuals are assigned according to the needs of each University area of responsibility on a controlled number basis. The control number is located on the inside cover of the manual. Day-to-day maintenance is the responsibility of the assigned user.

The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs will coordinate all Manual revisions, deletions and additions. Changes will be sent to users via campus e-mail. Upon receipt of new or revised information, the user can print and insert the replacement pages and destroy the superseded pages. New or revised policies become effective when issued unless otherwise specified.

Requests for changes in existing procedures should be addressed to the Business Affairs Office for appropriate administrative review and initiation.

Copies of the Manual no longer needed by an assigned user should be returned to the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs via campus mail.

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