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  Absence from Usual and Regular Duties, for Travel--B 2-110.0
Accepting Gifts from Private Philanthropic Sources--A 4-100.1
Accident, Health, Safety, & Security on Campus Grounds:
          Crimes Against Persons or Property, Reporting--H 3-121.0

          Emergencies--H 3-120.0
          General Policy--H 3-105.0
             Medical Emergencies
               at Callier Center Campus--H 3-123.0
               at UTD, Richardson Campus--H 3-122.0
Accident, Involving UTD Vehicle--F10-110.0
Accident Prevention--H 4-120.0
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, Group--D 4-150.0
Accrued Vacation Pay--D10-150.0
Activity & Influence, Political--D11-270.0
Actual Transfer Date, Classified Transfers--D 2-120.8.2
Administering of Test, for Employment--D 2-120.3
Administration, Property, Purpose and Scope--F15-100.0
Forms index
General Administration
Accounting and Finance
Budgeting and Expenditure Control
Facility and Services
Institutional Plant and Property
Security and Safety
Businness Procedure Memorandum
  Administrative and Emergency Leave--D 6-110.0
Administrative Fees, Parking and Traffic--H 4-170.0
Administrative and Professional Service:
          Authority to Make Appointments--D 2-110.0
          Search Plan-- D 2-130.0
Advance of Monies-- B 2-160.0
Advertising Materials, Distribution of--D11-170.0
Affairs, Participation in Community--D11-150.0

 Affirmative Action Policy (See Nondiscrimination Policy)--UTDBP3090 (Formerly D11-195.0)
Age Restrictions on Work-- D 2-160.0
Agreements, Maintenance, for Repair of Office Equipment--
AIDS/HIV Infection Policies and Guidelines-- D11-185.0
Air Conditioning, Heating and--G 8-130.0
Air Shipments, for Purchases of Items from Overseas--E 2-320.0
Air Transportation-- B 2-210.1
Aircraft, Rental-- B 2-210.4
Aircraft, Use of Personally Owned or Leased--B 2-210.4
Alcohol, Issuance of Tax-Free--F 2-180.0

Alcoholic Beverages Policy--A7-100.0
Aliens, Appointment of-- D 2-150.0
Allowable Purpose of Travel-- B 2-110.0
Allowance, Transportation--B 2-210.0
Allowance, Transportation, for Disabled Employees--B 2-220.2

Animals on Campus--D11-125.0
Annual Inventories--F15-110.1

Annual Leave (Vacation Leave) --D 6-180.0
Annual Military Training--D 6-120.0
Annuities, Tax-Deferred --D 5-160.0
Annuities, Maximum Exclusion Allowance--D 5-160.0
Anticipating Needs, Purchasing-- E 2-130.0
Application for Employment, Classified Service-- D 2-122.0
Appointment, Procedure for Extension of, Research Associate--
    D 2-140.2.1
Appointment Effective Date-- D 2-190.0
Appointment of Aliens--D 2-150.0
Appointment of Minors:
           Age Restriction on Work-- D 2-160.1
           General Policy--D 2-160.0
Appointment of Relatives (Nepotism)--D 2-170.0
Appointment Procedures:
          Administrative and Professional Search Plan--D 2-130.0
          Application for Employment, Classified Service-D 2-122.0
          Interviews, Classified Service--D 2-122.0
          Offer of Position, Classified Service--D 2-122.0
          Research Associate --D 2-140.2
          Appointments, Authority to Make-- D 2-110.0
Appointments, Dual--D 2-180.0
Appointments, General Policy--D 2-100.0
Appointments, Trainee Status, Classified Service-- D 2-120.5
Appropriations, Purchasing:
           Current Fiscal Year--E 2-160.0
           Subsequent Fiscal Year--E 2-160.0
Approved Signatures List, for Purchasing-- E 3-110.0
Assignment and Maintenance of the Manual-- III
Assistance, Employee Counseling and-- D 1-160.0
Assistance Program, Employee--D 4-210.0
Assistant, Appointment of Research-- D 2-140.0

Audit and Compliance Committee, Institutional:
       Charter (Charge) --A6-110.0
         Statement of Responsibilities --A6-100.0
Audit, Job--D 3-190.0
Auditing of Travel--B 2-250.0
Authority to Make Appointments--D 2-110.0
Authority to Obligate Institutional Funds, Purchasing--E 1-120.0
Authorization, Reimbursement-- B 2-200.0
Authorization, Travel--B 2-150.0
Authorized Contact with General Services Commission--E 2-110.0
Authorized Reduction of Per Diem Allowance --B 2-220.0
Automobile, Privately Owned, for Travel--B 2-210.3
Automobiles, Rental, for Travel--B 2-210.2
Auxiliary Enterprises:
          Bookstore-- F12-110.0
          Definition of--E 2-270.0
          Food Services--F13-110.0
Auxiliary Enterprises, Purchases for --E 2-270.0
Awards, Employee Service, Program


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