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  Callier Center Operations:
          Physical Plant--G 1-180.0
          Purchasing--E 1-150.0

          Receiving/Shipping-- F 1-110.0
Camps and Clinics involving Minors, Risk Insurance--A 8-100.0
Campus Security and Safety--H 1-110.0
          Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act--H 3-100.0.1
Cancellation of Purchase Orders--E 4-120.0
Care Frequencies, Maintenance and, Road and Grounds--G 5-120.0
Cash Handling Procedures--BPM #26
Casual Labor--D12-100.0

Cellular Communications Equipment Policy--A 5-140.0
Center, Work Control--G 2-120.0
Central Stores--F 8-100.0
Certificate, Work (Work Permit)-- D 2-160.0
Change Request, Purchase Order--E 4-115.0
Changes, Personal Information--D 1-151.0
Changes/Corrections to Purchase Orders--E 4-110.0
Check Cashing Policy--BPM #9
Checkout Procedure, Employees--D10-110.0
Children in the Workplace--D 11-120.0
  Citations, Traffic or Parking (See Administrative Fees, Parking and Traffic)
Claims Under Texas Tort Claims Act, Reporting Possible--H 3-150.0
Classification of Funds:
          Funds Held by the State Treasurer (State Funds)--E 2-100.0
          Funds Held Locally (Local Funds)--E 2-100.0
Classification of Purchases:
          Funds Held Locally (Local Funds)--E 2-120.0
          Blanket Order--E 2-120.0.4
          Local Purchase Order (Any Value)-- E 2-120.0.2
          Petty Cash Purchases--E 2-120.0
         Standing Purchase Orders--E 2-120.0.2
         Through the General Services Commission-- E 2-110.0
         Contract Purchase Order (Automated)--E 2-110.0
         Contract Purchase Order (Non-Automated)--E 2-110.0.1
         Emergency Purchase Order (Any Value)--E 2-110.0.2
         Open Market Purchase Order (Over $25,000)--
E 2-110.0.1
         Spot Purchase Order (Under $25,000)--E 4-125.0

Classified Compensation Plan:
         Computation of Rates--D 3-170.4
         Pay Adjustments in Transfers, Promotions, and Demotions--
            D 3-170.3

         Pay for an Employee in Trainee Status--D 3-170.2
         Pay Plan-- D 3-170.0
         Rates of Pay-- D 3-170.1
Classified Service:-- D 2-120.0
Closing, Office--D11-240.0
COD Shipments-- F 2-160.0
Code of Ethics, Employees-- D11-110.0
Codes, Building--G 2-130.2
Coffee Breaks (Rest Periods)--D11-290.0
College or University Degree Program--D 7-110.0
Combinations, Safe and Vault-- G 3-210
Comfort Conditioning--G 8-130.0
Communication with the Legislature, Other State Agencies--

Communications Equipment Policy, Wireless--A5-140.0
Community Affairs, Participation in--D11-150.0
Compensation Insurance:
          Unemployment--D 4-180.0
          Worker's--D 4-170.0
Compensation Program, Deferred--D 5-170.0
Component, Policy, of Affirmative Action Program--D 1-130.0
          Per Diem Allowance--B 2-220.1
          Rates, Classified Service--D 3-170.0
Computer, Campus Network Connection Policy--A5-100.0
Computer-Related Equipment and Services, Rental/
   Purchase of/Contract Renewal of
-- E 2-415.0
Computers, Rental/Purchase or Contract Renewal of-- E 2-415.0
Conditioning, Air/Comfort--G 8-130.0
Conditions for Issuance of Keys--G 3-150.1
Conduct, Subject to Disciplinary Action--D 8-100.0.1
Configuration Control, Building--G 1-170.0
Connections to Services, Utility-- G 8-110.0

Conservation of Utilities--G 8-100.1
Constitutional Restrictions on State Contracted Merchandise--
      E 2-110.0

Construction, Minor-- G 7-100.0
Construction of the Manual I
Consulting Services-- E 2-450.0
Contact with General Services Commission-- E 2-110.0
Continuance of Duties, During Travel Absence-- B 2-110.0
Contract Renewal of Computers/Computer-Related
   Equipment and Services
--E 2-415.0
Contracts and Grants:
          Interagency Contract-- E 2-500.0
          Processing of --E 2-490.0
          Purchase of Excess/Surplus Property for-- E 2-230.1
          Special Purchasing Provisions for-- E 2-190.0
Control, Pest--G 3-190.0
Control Center, Work-- G 2-120.0
Corrections to Purchase Orders-- E 4-110.0
Cost of Living Increases, of Pay (Across-the-Board Increases)--
      D 3-170.1

Cost Accounting/Service Centers--B 3-200.0
Costs for Requested Records, Recovery of--A 2-100.1.2
Counseling and Assistance, Employee--D 1-160.0
Court Appearance--D 6-150.0

Credit Card Acceptance Policy -- B 5-100.0
Credit for Special Service, Teacher Retirement System-- D 5-130.1
Crime/Police Emergency, Reporting-- H 3-120.0
Crimes Against Persons or Property, Reporting-- H 3-121.0

Criminal Background Check -- UTDBP3000, formerly D 2-115.0

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