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Subject Index

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  Machinery, Lease/Rental of-- E 2-240.0
Mail Services-- F 5-100.0
          Agreements and Repairs to Office Equipment-- F14-110.0
          of Manual-- III
          Minor Building --G 3-110.0
          of the Pay Plan, Classified Service--D 3-170.0
          Repair and Upkeep, of UTD Vehicles--G 4-110.0
          of Roads and Grounds-- G 5-120.0
Major Repairs-- G 7-100.0
Manual, Administrative Policies and Procedures:
          Assignment and Maintenance of-- III
          Construction I
          Purpose and Scope-- I
          Subject Index-- II
          Callier Center-- VI
          Main Campus-- V
          Campus Location-- IV
Maternity Leave (Family & Medical Leave Act)-- D 6-155.0
Forms Index
  Medical Insurance, Hospitalization and-- D 4-120.0
Memberships to Professional Organizations, Purchase of-- E 2-330.0
Merit Increases, of Pay, Classified Service--D 3-170.1
Military Leave, Extended Unpaid -- D 6-130.0
Military Leave, Annual/Paid--D 6-120.0
Minor Building Maintenance-- G 3-110.0
Minor Construction, Remodeling, and Major Repairs-- G 7-100.0
Minority and Female-Owned Small Business Development/HUB--
       E 1-160.0

          Appointment of-- D 2-160.0
          Release Form for-- B 2-170.0
Modified Service--D 5-110.0
Monies, Advance of, for Travel-- B 2-160.0
Motor Vehicles:
          Purpose and Scope-- F10-100.0
          Reporting Accidents-- F10-110.0
          Vehicle Pool--F11-110.0
Movement of Furniture and Furnishings--F15-120.0
Moving from One Campus Location to Another,
    Inventories Required

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