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Subject Index

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  Painting, of Facilities--G 3-180.0
Parking, Policies, Traffic and-- H 4-170.0
Participation in Community Affairs-- D11-150.0
          Adjustments in Transfers, Promotions, and
            Demotions, Classified Service
-- D 3-170.3
          for an Employee in Trainee Status, Classified Service--
            D 3-170.2

          Longevity-- D 3-147.0
          Plan, Classified --D 3-170.0
          Plan, Maintenance of the, Classified Service--D 3-170.0
          Rates of, Classified Service--D 3-170.1
          for Less Than a Full Month's Service to Salaried Employees--
            D 3-170.4

          of Transportation Allowances-- B 2-210.0
          Deductions-- D 3-160.0
Forms Index
  Per Diem, Allowance--B 2-220.1
Per Diem, General--B 2-220.0
Permanent Furnishings, Repair of--G 3-130.0
          Parking-- H 4-170.0
          Work (Work Certificates) --D 2-160.0
          Information-- D 1-150.0
          Information Changes-- D 1-151.0
          Information Requests-- A 2-100.0.6
Personally Owned Automobiles, Transportation Allowance for--
      B 2-210.3

          Emergency Coverage --D 1-180.0
          Hours of Operation--D 1-170.0
          Injury to, Physical Plant Action-- G 9-110.0
          Joint Responsibilities--D 1-110.0
          Primary Responsibilities-- D 1-110.0
          Purpose and Scope-- D 1-110.0
Pest Control-- G 3-190.0
Petty Cash:
          Fund Handling Procedures --BPM #27/27A
Petty Cash:
          Purchases, Purchasing-- E 2-120.0
Physical Plant:
          Callier Center Operations-- G 1-180.0
          Emergency Coverage-- G 1-140.0
          General Policy-- G 1-120.0
          Hours of Operation-- G 1-130.0
          Precedence of Services-- G 1-160.0
          Purpose and Scope --G 1-110.0
          Services Provided--G 1-150.0
Physical Plant Goods and Services, Purchase of --E 2-350.0
          Classified Pay --D 3-170.0
          Payroll Savings-- D 4-200.0
Planning Quantity Purchases on Requisitions--E 3-120.0
Police, University:
          Officers --H 1-120.0.1
          Policies--H 1-120.0
          Affirmative Action Program (See Nondiscrimination Policy)-- UTDBP3090 (Formerly D11-195.0)
          Discipline/Dismissal-- D 8-100.0
          Equal Employment Opportunity (See Nondiscrimination Policy)-- UTDBP3090 (Formerly D11-195.0)
          General Purchasing--E 1-120.0
          General Travel-- B 2-100.2
          Grievances-- D 8-140.0
          Network Connection, Campus-- A5-100.0
           Activities and Influence-- D11-270.0
Pool, Sick Leave-- D 6-175.0
Power Failure, Electrical-- H 4-180.0
Precedence of Services, Physical Plant --G 1-160.0
Premium Sharing --D 4-110.0
Preparation of a Purchase Requisition-- E 3-130.0
President, Statement from the, for Affirmative Action Program--
      D 1-130.0

Prevention, Fire:
           General --G 9-100.0
           Purpose and Scope --G 9-100.0
Primary Responsibilities, Personnel-- D 1-110.0
Printing Services:
           General-- F 6-110.0
           Purchase of --E 2-360.0
Priorities, Work-- G 2-110.0
Privately-owned Automobile, Transportation Allowance for-- B 2-210.3
           Employee Employee Discipline and Dismissal -- D 8-150.0
Procedures, Purchasing:
           Failure to Comply with Purchasing-- E 1-120.0
           Procurement Management Summary--E1-105.0
           Organizations, Purchase of Memberships to-- E 2-330.0
           Services, Physical Plant --G 1-150.2
Program, Recycle--G 5-130.0
Program Elements, Training --D 7-100.0
          Available Training --D 7-100.1
          Employee Assistance-- D 4-210.0
          Pay Adjustments in, Classified Service--D 3-170.3
          Administration, Purpose and Scope-- F15-100.0
          Loaned to Another State Department-- F15-130.0
          Removal of State or Federal from UTD-- F15-130.2
          Report of Transfer of State --F15-110.3
          Sale of, to UTD Employees-- F15-130.3
Prospective Employees, Travel-- B 2-260.0
Protection from Retaliation for Reporting Suspected Violations -- D 11-100.0
Public Information Requests --A 2-100.0
Public Transportation, Transportation Allowance for--B 2-210.1.2
Publications, Purchase of U.S. Government-- E 2-305.0
Purchase Order:
          Cancellation of --E 4-120.0
          Change Request-- E 4-115.0
          Corrections to --E 4-110.0
Purchase Order:
          Purpose and Scope-- E 4-100.0
          Rejections of-- E 4-120.0
          SPOT-- E 4-125.0
          Substitutions by a Vendor-- E 4-130.0
          Updating from Receiving Reports-- E 4-140.0
Purchase Requisitions:
          Approved Signatures List-- E 3-110.0
          Planning Quantity Purchases --E 3-120.0
          Preparation of --E 3-130.0
          Purpose and Scope-- E 3-100.0
          Purchases for Auxiliary Enterprises-- E 2-270.0
Purchases from:
          Texas Department of Criminal Justice --E 2-280.0
          Overseas-- E 2-320.0
          UTD Employees-- E 2-290.0
Purchases of:
          Computer-Related Equipment and Services-- E 2-415.0
Purchases of:
          Computers-- E 2-415.0
          Demonstrator Equipment-- E 2-400.0
          Excess Property-- E 2-230.1
          Fuels-- E 2-300.0
          Government Documents and Publications-- E 2-305.0
          Items from Overseas --E 2-320.0
          Memberships to Professional Organizations-- E 2-330.0
          Office Supplies-- E 2-340.0
          Overseas Items-- E 2-320.0
          Physical Plant Goods and Services --E 2-350.0
          Printed Materials-- E 2-310.0
          Printing Services--E 2-360.0
          Professional Organizations, Membership to --E 2-330.0
          Services, Overview-- E 2-440.0
             Computer-Related--E 2-415.0
             Construction --E 2-480.0
             Consulting--E 2-450.0
             Professional-- E 2-470.0
             Services, not Construction or Professional --E 2-460.0
          Subscriptions-- E 2-370.0
          Surplus Property (See Excess Property)
          Used Equipment-- E 2-400.0
          Emergency Coverage-- E 1-140.0
          Objectives --E 1-110.0
          Policy, Purchasing Act of 1979, Excl. of-- E 1-120.0
          Purpose and Scope-- E 1-110.0
          UTD/Callier Center-- E 1-120.0
Purpose and Scope:
          Building Maintenance and Operations --G 3-100.0
          Custodial Services --G 6-100.0
          Fire Prevention --G 9-100.0
          Inventories --F15-110.0
          Personnel-- D 1-110.0
          Physical Plant --G 1-110.0
          Property Administration-- F15-100.0
          Purchase Order-- E 4-100.0
          Purchase Requisition-- E 3-100.0
          Purchasing --E 1-110.0
          Receiving-- F 1-110.0
          Roads and Grounds Maintenance-- G 5-100.0
          Shipping-- F 1-110.0
          University Safety-- G 9-100.0
          Utilities-- G 8-100.0
          Vehicle Maintenance-- G 4-100.0
          Work Order System--G 2-100.0
Purposes, Allowable for Travel-- B 2-110.0


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