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Subject Index

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  Radiation Safety--H 4-150.0
Radioactive Materials--F 2-240.0
Rates, Computation of, Classified Service--D 3-170.0
Rates of Pay, Classified Service: Across the Board Increases--
     D 3-170.0.1

Beginning Rates--D 3-170.0.1
Merit Increases--D 3-170.0.1
Within-Range Increases (Merit) --D 3-170.1
Receipts, Required, for Travel-- B 2-190.0
Received Merchandise, Holding --F 2-120.0
Receiving and Delivery:
          Alcohol-- F 2-180.0
          Capital Equipment-- F 2-150.0
          COD Freight/Material-- F 2-160.0
          Damaged Freight/Material-- F 2-140.0
          Dangerous Drugs, and Alcohol--F 2-220.0
          Explosives-- F 2-200.0
          Gases, Cylinder-- F 2-210.0
          Holding Received Merchandise-- F 2-120.0
          Hours of Operation-- F 1-130.0
          Locations--F 1-120.0
          Nitrogen, Bulk--F 2-230.0
Forms Index
            Delivery--F 2-130.0
            Receiving--F 2-110.0
          Purpose and Scope-- F 1-110.0
          Radioactive Material-- F 2-240.0
Receiving Reports, Updating Purchase Orders from-- E 4-140.0
Reclassification of a Research Associate--D 2-140.2.1
Records Management and Retention-- A 1-100.0
Recycle Program-- G 5-130.0
Reduction in Force-- D10-100.0.1

Refunds, Parking Decal-- H 4-170.0.1
Regents Rules:
          on Retirement-- D 5-110.0
          Purchasing --E 1-120.0
Registration: Vehicles --H 4 170.0
          Parking and Traffic-- H 4-170.0
          Bicycle-- H 4-170.0.1
          Authorization--B 2-200.0
          for Dues, Registration Fees, and Other Travel Expenses--
            B 2-230.0

          Travel Expenses--B 2-200.0
Rejection of Purchase Orders-- E 4.120.0
Relatives, Appointment of (Nepotism)-- D 2-170.0
Release Form, Minor-- B 2-170.0
Release of Records--A 1-120.0
Religious Holidays--D11-285.0
Remodeling--G 7-100.0
Removal of State or Federal Property from UTD--F15-130.0
Rental Aircraft, Travel Allowance for--B 2-210.4
Rental Automobiles, Travel Allowance for--B 2-210.3
Rental Insurance (Travel)--B 2-140.0
Rental of:
          Computer-Related Equipment and Services--E 2-415.0
          Computers-- E 2-415.0
          Equipment and Machinery-- E 2-240.0
          Services, Computer-Related-- E 2-415.0
          Space-- E 2-250.0
          Vending Services-- E 2-260.0
          Word Processing Equipment-- E 2-415.0
          Major-- G 7-100.0
          of Furnishings-- G 3-120.0
          of Furniture --G 3-120.0
          of Permanent Furnishings-- G 3-130.0
          of UTD Vehicles--G 4-110.0
          of Office Equipment-- F14-110.0
Report of Transfer of State Property:
          From One Department to Another-- F15-130.0
          General-- F15-130.0
          Loaned to Another Department-- F15-120.0
          Lost, Stolen, Damaged, or Destroyed-- F15-130.1
          Sale, Trade-in, a Disposal of Property-- F15-120.2
           to Storage--F15-130.0
H 3-120.0
          Crimes Against Persons or Property--
H 3-121.0
          Medical Emergencies at UTD Richardson Campus --H 3-122.0
          Medical Emergencies at Callier Center Campus-- H 3-123.0
          Security or Safety Hazards-- H 3-140.0

          Suspected Violations and Protection from Retaliation-- D11-100.0
          Traffic Accidents: Involving UTD Vehicles-- F10-110.0
          Involving Personal Injury-- H 3-130.0
          for Delivery (Standing Purchase Order)-- E 2-120.0.2
          for Records-- A 2-100.0
          for Services, Physical Plant-- G 2-130.0
          to Review Bids, Requisitioner-- E 2-140.0
Required Receipts, for Travel--B 2-190.0
Requisitions (See Purchase Requisitions)-- E 3-100.0
Research, Honesty in-- D11-105.0
Research Assistant, Appointment of-- D 2-140.0
Research Associate, Appointment of-- D 2-140.2

Research Subjects, Payment of-- B 6-100.0
Research Titles, General Policy-- D 2-140.0
Responsibility of Requisitioner:
          for Purchase Order Corrections-- E 4-110.0
          on Warranties-- E 2-220.0
Rest Periods-- D11-290.0
          on Use of University-owned Vehicles-- F10-100.0.1
          on Work, Age (Minors)-- D 2-160.0
           Plans, General Policy-- D 5-100.0
           Program, Optional (ORP)--D 5-140.0
Regents Rules on-- D 4-110.0
Return to Designated Headquarters Daily or for Weekend, Travel--
      B 2-220.1.2

Review Bids, Request to, by Requisitioner-- E 2-140.0
Roads, Maintenance of--G 5-120.0
Roads and Grounds Maintenance :
           General Policy-- G 5-110.0
           Purpose and Scope-- G 5-100.0
Roofs, Maintenance-- G 3-200.0
Routine, Work Priority-- G 2-110.0
            for the Safe Use of Elevators-- G 3-140.0
            on Retirement, Regents-- D 5-110.0

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