WeTeach artworkWeTeach is a new student organization at The University of Texas at Dallas. We are a group of pre-education students specializing in math and science education. Our goal is to promote excellence in teaching and to bring students with similar career goals together.  We hope to offer our members unique speakers whom will provide our club with first-hand information.

  • Dedicated to Serving the Local Community
  • Supporting endeavors to education
  • Group Socials
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Assisting the Science Engineering and Education Center in projects
  • Out Reach for the local Elementary, Middle, and High Schools with tutoring and other educational events
  • Guest speakers in the field
  • Providing tutoring in a variety of subjects
  • Teaching improvement trainings and problem solving skills
  • Blindness prevention/detection training

As an extension of the UTeach Dallas  program striving to improve education by offering aspiring teachers and non-teachers opportunities to enrich their development through hands-on experiences for their respective fields.

WeTeach Officers

President:  Barbara Armenta

Vice President:  Kevin Huynh

Treasurer:  Barbara Armenta /open

Secretary:  Wiliam Schleicher

Webmaster:   Seula Park

Historian:   Leah Scoggins

Community Representative:   Eric Ward

Officers are subject to change!

Join us at our Facebook group UTD WeTeach