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  April 2013  

Community Connections

Community Connections

I recently discovered a news article from Irving, Texas, and it ignited many emotions in me.

A 95-year-old World War II veteran, James Brown, was awarded the Bronze Star for his service—more than six decades later. In combat, Brown lost his left arm and fingers from his right hand in a vicious artillery attack, yet still to this day Brown is in good health. And now, 68 years later, Brown still had the pride to feel honored and was appreciative for the award.

I think this speaks volumes about the spirit and humility of a soldier. There are many more soldiers out there like Mr. Brown, deserving of recognition for their service. To those I say, "We appreciate you!" Honor yourselves and past soldiers by taking advantage of the benefits provided to you from your service. Being here at UT Dallas and making the choice to further your education is a big step in accomplishing new goals in life.

Stoy Prioleau
Student Leader, Veteran Services Center
Army '95-'03


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