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  December 2013  

Vet Spotlight: Harold Williams

Harold Williams

Harold Williams is a Vietnam-era veteran who served with the United States Marine Corps from May 1969 to May 1972. He began his college career directly after his time in the Marines. Williams said that college was tough at first, especially while transitioning to civilian life.

Williams said he attended several universities to complete his undergraduate degree in American studies. After graduating, he spent the next 32 years as a paralegal and also worked as a farmer. Recently, Williams became convinced that going back to school was the best choice for him.

"The structure of everyday military life helped prepare me for college," Williams said. "More specifically, it helped me focus and finish my master's degree in interdisciplinary studies and decide to pursue a fast-track PhD in history."

Williams hopes to graduate in 2014. From there, he hopes to step back into the classroom, only this time as a teacher rather than a student. To his fellow Marines and veterans making the transition from military to civilian academic life, Williams had one piece of advice: "Lean into life and never look back."

By Joe Salley, VSC student leader and tech sergeant, Air Force Reserve Command


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