Viva Volunteer

student volunteers

Make a Difference Day is the largest day of community service each year, where millions of individuals across the world take the opportunity to serve and give back to their communities.

Viva Volunteer

October 25, 2014

Student organization registration is now closed.
Not signed up with a student org? Individual student registration for Viva will be available in October.

Viva Volunteer at a Glance

388 volunteers

28 RUOs

30 Site Leaders

24 Participating Agencies

27 Project Locations

1,940 Volunteer Hours Served

$43,785.80 Saved by Agencies

12,047 Service Actions Completed

Viva 2013 Community Impact

1952 raffle tickets sorted
1375 radishes harvested
1000 shoes placed on racks
$800 worth of merchandise priced
767 t-shirts folded and rolled
600 books placed on shelves
509 snack kits assembled
> 500 lights strung in trees
500 clothes sorted
500 native plants planted
300 snacks served
300 towels laundered
250 festival items created
250 cake walk items made
218 pounds of food harvested
200 baby clothes sorted
188 windows washed
150 folders stuffed
120 popcorn bags made
116 chairs moved
100 cat beds cleaned
100 sq ft of grass covered
100 treat bags made
96 bags of trash thrown away
80 binders organized
75 dog beds cleaned
75 bags of cotton candy stuffed
75 cupcakes iced

70 elf hats decorated
60 boxes moved
60 high school students empowered
60 cookies decorated
59 window panes cleaned
50 broken hangers found
50 faces painted
36 paint cans sorted
30 pumpkins donated
20 candy cane ornaments created
20 racks of books organized
20 balls blown up
16 large boxes sorted
14 bins of clothes sorted
14 cubic yards of mulch laid
12 cats entertained
12 games set up
10 dogs walked
10 blackboards collected
10 garden bricks moved
10 boxes recycled
8 crates of dishes washed
8 risers painted
8 garden plots cleared
7 tables cleaned
6 rooms mopped
6 tarps of garden waste disposed
5 trees mulched

5 large bags of recyclables collected
5 racks of video tapes organized
4 books laminated
4 rows of shoes sorted
4 floor stains removed
3 large bins of curtains organized
3 closets organized
3 garden beds created
3 benches cleaned and repaired
2 rooms painted
2 restrooms cleaned
2 gravel pits cleaned
2 trees removed
2 garden isles weeded
2 bulletin boards created
1 one-hundred foot hose untangled
1 walkway swept
1 room swept
1 cafeteria mopped and organized
1 shelf painted
1 pumpkin patch created
1 filing cabinet cleaned
1 rack built
1 ramp painted
1 shed organized
1 sandbox cleaned
1 hallway painted
1 collage created
1 photo booth decorated

Participating Agencies

Alley’s House
Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
City of Plano—Animal Shelter

City of Plano—Community Gardens

City of Richardson—Animal Shelter
City of Richardson—Community Services

Dallas Children’s Theater
For the Love of the Lake
Foster Kids Charity
Gardeners in Community Development
Genesis Children’s Theater
Goodwill Industries of Dallas-Garland

Goodwill Industries of Dallas-Plano
Heritage Farmstead Museum
LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas)

Mi Escuelita Preschool
My Possibilities
Richardson Boys and Girls Club

Richardson Family YMCA
The Warren Center
UTD Community Garden
UTD Office of Sustainability
Vogel Alcove
Voice of Hope Ministries