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Your Campus Wellness Committee


From UTDPP1017:

“…The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to create a culture and environment that support and promote the value of individual well-being by education and the provision of appropriate physical facilities. The Committee will implement the U.T. System wellness program on the U.T. Dallas campus and provide additional programs, tools, and resources that will enable employees to take charge of their own physical, mental and spiritual health.…”


Committee Members
Please contact us at wellness@utdallas.edu with any questions or ideas for the UT Dallas Wellness program.
RUOResponsible University Official Dr. Calvin D. Jamison Vice President Office of Administration
Chair Eric Schlereth Faculty Arts & Humanities
Treasurer Karen Garcia Staff Office of Administration
Secretary Elizabeth Sohns Student  
  Paula Austell Staff Development & Alumni Relations
  Nancy Bryant Staff Electrical Engineering
  Shayla Holub Faculty Behavioral & Brain Sciences