Activity Center and Rec Center West

Activity Center

The University’s on-campus Activity Center and Rec Center West provide plenty of options for getting in shape and staying healthy, including:

Memberships are available to faculty, staff, and alumni members. Members can also sponsor one spouse, domestic partner, or child 17 years of age or older. Annual memberships are available for purchase during the month of August with a Annual Payroll Deduction Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ).

Indoor Walking Path

Indoor Walking Path

The University’s Staff Counsel has identified a path along a series of connecting corridors among the buildings on campus that provides a safe, climate-controlled, indoor environment for taking healthy walks.

The longest continuous stretch of this path runs about 4,365 feet (1,330 meters / 0.827 miles / 0.133 kilometers) but there are several opportunities along the path for customizing your own walks of different lengths.

Download a Map of the Path (PDF [Portable Document Format File] , 371KB)

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