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Jim Shivers

Human Resources Representative I

Jim Shivers, Human Resources Representative IAfter having been a victim of stress, busy lifestyle, and eating on the run, I have found there is no substitution for healthy living. Whether it be personal diet, frame of mind, or sense of well being all three go hand in hand.

I ballooned up to 258 lbs, and with high blood pressure and possible type 2 diabetes staring me in the face, I knew I had to take control.

While the media saturates us with promises of a body in 3 months that some are not even genetically disposed to having, the reality is that nothing takes the place of exercise, eating healthy and hydration.

It wasn’t easy at first to change my routine, but when the results began, that alone supplied the encouragement needed. It took me 18 months of exercise and eating a diet made up of healthy choices before I lost 54 lbs. I have successfully kept that off for 7.5 months. There certainly are moments when you hit a plateau or begin to back paddle; however, perseverance and dedication is the recipe I found for my success.

McDermott on the Lose

From left to right, Back row: Denice McGregor, Susie Kutchi, Jane Hoorman, Sue McInis;
Middle row: Michelle Sancen, Linda DePhillips, Vickie Bullock, Mary Jo Venetis;
Front row: Debbie Gilbert-Stadigh;
Not pictured: Nora Edwards.McDermott on the Lose won first place standing in the 2010 Live Healthy North Texas 100 Day Challenge in the weight loss division at UTD. Out of 17 teams, its members lost an average of 7.45% of their body weight, with one member losing 16.76% during the challenge!

The team was asked to share some of its secrets of success.

  • Getting an adequate amount of sleep! It helped me NOT to snack late at night because I was sleeping.
  • Carry a water bottle at all times. [It] curbs appetite and aids in “snack prevention.”
  • Daily recording of my weight! [It] aided in accountability; no denying if I was gaining or losing.
  • I think my weight loss had to do with portion control and eating more veggies, less nuts for snacks.
  • Less than 1000 calories per day, cut way back on the sugar and salt, and eat hummus until you get sick!
  • What I have done is that I TRY to walk every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Most of the team exercised individually, though they did get together once a month for a potluck lunch to socialize and encourage their fellow team members in their efforts. And from where did that team name originate?

Says team captain Susie Kutchi, “We chose the group name as a play on the Reference Department’s ‘Librarians on the Loose’ – our outreach program that finds reference librarians taking a laptop and printed library information to various spots across campus.”

The wellness committee congratulates McDermott on the Lose and look forward to their participating in the 2011 100 Day Challenge!