Industrial Advisory Board

  •    Arun Bhikshesvaran, Senior Vice President, Multimedia and Infrastructure Solutions, Ericsson Inc., Plano, TX, USA
  •    Mark VandenBrink, Vice President of Technology, Wireless Terminals, Samsung Telecommunications Americas, LLC, Richardson, TX, USA
  •    Justin Panzer, Manager, Product Marketing, Rohde & Schwarz, Columbia, MD, USA
  •    Dr. Solyman Ashrafi, Staff Vice President of LTE, metroPCS, Corporate HQ, Richardson, TX, USA
  •    Greg Dickson, National Manager, Network Solutions Division, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Richardson, TX, USA
  •    Jim Womack, Senior Director, Advanced Technology, Research In Motion, Irving, TX, USA
  •    Parham Momtahan, VP Advanced Technologies, Bridgewater Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Industrial Collaboration

    •      To promote awareness of mutual activities and needs, and to nurture collaboration and cooperation between industry partners and WLTE group, we are open to several forms of industrial collaboration including research contracts, industrial affiliate program, gifts, senior design project sponsorships, etc.
      Please Contact Us for more details.