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Dance Workshop
Spring 2002
Instructor: Karen Bartlett
Class held in: Rehearsal Hall in the Jonsson Building (the bottom floor, room# 1.216)  
email: [email protected]

         Body language is an extension of human emotion.  Often we are able to sense how a person feels or is reacting to a given situation by the way he or she moves.  So movement is a means of communication.  Dance is a way to tell a story.  The story is told through various elements, or tools, the dancer has:  the body and choreography.   

         In this workshop we will explore the idea of dance as narrative.  We will look at the elements necessary for a transformation in both a structured and unstructured format of choreography.  We will also explore the elements involved in doing group work and the concepts behind choreography.  In addition, we will be exploring the body as a tool of movement and all the possibilities that lie within. 

Readings and/or demonstrations will be given on the following styles of dance—including, but not limited to:
                 * Ballet
                 * Modern
                 * Belly Dancing
                 * Native American Pow-Pow and Cochina Spirit Dances

 Because each student will come to the workshop with varying dance experience, the grade will not be based on technical merit.  Class participation is a requirement, but grade consideration will be given to individual attitude and effort.

 The workshop requirements are as follows:
                * Class Participation:            20%
                * Quizzes (on readings):       25%  (5 quizzes at 5% each)
                * Paper                                  30%
                * Final project                        25%

 Attendance for every workshop class is required.  Five points will be deducted from the final workshop grade for one absence.  For every other absence, attendance points will triple—for example:

  1 absence = 5 points off the final workshop grade
              2 absences = 15 points off the final workshop grade

           In other words, a student cannot expect to pass the dance workshop with more than 2 absences.

           Daily quizzes will be given at the beginning of class.  NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES WILL BE GIVEN.  If a student is not present for the quiz, that student will receive a zero for that quiz.  Students are also expected to participate in class discussion regarding the readings.              

Students are responsible for a five-page to seven-page paper—depending the student’s final project—on a style of dance, or dancer/choreographer of their choice, EXCLUDING ballet, tap, jazz or modern.  Students must have a minimum of three sources—only one may be a web source—and a maximum of five sources.  If you are enrolled in the 1st workshop, the paper is due April 4th.  If you are enrolled in the 2nd workshop, the paper is due April 30th.  Both workshops will have the same amount of time to finish their papers.



The final project will consist of one of two options:
1.      A choreographed piece by the student that must include specific elements such as turns, jumps and extensions, as well as elements from each style that will be demonstrated in class.  The student will also be graded on the appropriateness of music, which will also be discussed in class.  For this project, a five-page paper is required is required.


    2.      A presentation—not a reading—of the paper for the class.  For this project, a seven-page paper is required.

     No previous dance experience is necessary for this workshop; however, you must have a willingness to participate and to explore movement and emotions.


If you have any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected]
or see me during my office hours, JO 3.902: Tuesdays at 10:00.
Phone:  972-883-2095


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