Exploration of the Arts 1301-02
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Drawing Workshop 

Instructor: Laura Sohm
Class held in:
Visual Arts Building, Drawing room (art building first floor and look for the sign)

Email: [email protected]


        This workshop is designed to help you free your inventive capacities while stepping into the shoes of an artist.  Previous experience is not necessary, but an open mind and perseverance is.  Drawing is the most direct link to the brain, even more direct than speech.  In fact, it can be used as a diagnostic tool, reflecting back subconscious ideas that begin the creative process.

        Drawing is a magnificent tool for shaking up your everyday ways of looking while stimulating creativity. The focus in the workshop will be on experience and process rather than finished product. You will get exposure to what an artist does, develop a visual language, and understand the communication in art.  At the same time we will be doing exercises to stimulate your own innovative thinking.  These related steps and techniques can be drawn upon in the future to liberate your own powers of observation and execution.


1. Bring: an open mind and passion for new experience!
2. Be receptive to: new ideas!
. Be prepared to: do the unexpected!
4. Be eager to: see the positive!

Be ready to: use your imagination!

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