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Music Workshop
TA:  Sherry Wilder

: JO 3.902
Office Phone #:  (972) 883-2756

Office Hours:
  Th 12:30-1:30 PM 
:  [email protected]
Class Held In:  JO Performance Hall
(Before entering JO  [standing by the giant statue on your left] you will see several sets of glass doors to your right. Go into one of these doors and there's the Performance Hall.)

March 19-April 9, 2002


(The 2nd Music Workshop will have the same syllabus, only with different dates/schedules.)

     The focus of this workshop is to form music groups or bands that will create—by way of jam sessions—unique compositional musical transformations of the poems/paintings named on this web-site.  The musical compositions of this workshop will be for the purpose of gathering ideas, skills, & motivation to create the actual final transformation that each student must present for the course in early May. In the process, important elements of music will be explored.  There is a required 3-5 page research paper.  For this workshop you will need to spend at least 30 minutes outside of class—usually creating and rehearsing with your music group/band—for each day the class meets.

 If more than 5% of the students in the class are absent or late (starting usually at 11:05AM,) there will be a short quiz over the readings/content of the workshop.  If you miss a quiz due to absence or because you are late, it cannot be made up and will count against your grade.


Grade Distribution:

40%     Band or group performance on 4/4/02 and 4/9/02
(Click on Requirements for the Music Workshop)

15%     Daily participation in class or with band/music group.

30%     Research Paper

15%     Preparation for class—bringing instruments, etc.


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