After the IEEE Transactions on Communicatiosn Editorial Board Meeting in ICC'17, Paris

After the IEEE Transactions on Communicatiosn Editorial Board Meeting in Globecom'16, Washington DC

After the IEEE Transactions on Communicatiosn Editorial Board Meeting in ICC'16, Kuala Lampur

Hooding my PhD student Ahmed Helmy

With my PhD student Trevor Allen after passing his PhD thesis defense

At Eiffel Tower in Paris

At Arc de Triomphe in Paris

With Vincent, Robert,George, Sami, and Panos during ICC'17 in Paris

With Prof. Khalid Qaraqe in Kuala Lampur during ICC'16

At the great wall of China

Having dinner with Huawei colleagues and Prof. Minn in Chengdu, China

With Professors H. Nuweiri, R. Shubair, H. Hassanein at WCNC'16 in Doha

With Professors M. Uysal, L. Tamil, M. Abdallah, R. Shubair at Souk Wagif in Doha

With Professor John Cioffi and group alumni during Globecom'15

With Prof. Brian Evans from UT-Austin during ISPLC'15 in Austin

Handing out best paper award certificate to Dr. Stefano Galli at ISPLC'15 banquet in Austin

In front of Four-Seasons Hotel in Austin during Globecom 2014 with Professors M. Abdalla, B. Evans, T. Khattab, M. Shalash, and my PhD students

Jonsson Distinguished Professorship Investiture Ceremony in 2010 with President Daniel,Provost Wildenthal and Dean Spong

Receiving 2007 IEEE Fellow Plaque from IEEE Communications Society President

With Professors Guizani, Amira, and Hamila in Doha, Qatar in May 2012

Giving a talk at KAUST, Saudi Arabia in May 2012

At the May 2011 UT-Dallas graduation ceremony

At the December 2008 UT-Dallas graduation ceremony

At the Globecom 2008 conference reception in New Orleans

With Prof. Imad Barhumi in Lausanne, Switzerland during EUSIPCO 2008

At the ICASSP'08 gala dinner in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

With A. Zoubir and R. Ward while attending ICASSP'07 in Honolulu, Hawaii

In Florence, Italy while attending EUSIPCO

With Rob Calderbank and Suhas Diggavi after receiving the 2006 Donald G. Fink Best Paper Award at ISIT in Seattle

Receiving the VTC Fall'05 Best Paper Award with My PhD student Sushanta Das

With Rob Calderbank at UTD

At Sitges beach in Spain during SAM'04 Workshop

With Ali Sayed (UCLA) and Moeness Amin (Villanova) during SAM Workshop

With Ali Sayed (UCLA), Dirk Slock (Eurecom) and Lee Swindlehurst (BYU) during SAM Workshop

With Ahmad Tewfik (Univ. Minnesota) and Raed Shubair (Etisalat) during ICECS'03 in Dubai

With Rob Calderbank (Princeton Univ.) during our STC tutorial at PIMRC'02 in Lisbon

With John Cioffi at my PhD graduation at Stanford University in 1994
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