Track Draw was written to provide graphical control of the time-varying features of a speech synthesizer (Klatt, 1980). The graphical display consists of several figure windows which display the frequencies of the formants (F1-F5), formant bandwidths (B1-B5), fundamental frequency (F0), and overall amplitude (AV) as a function of time. Track Draw also provides playback abilities to listen to the result of the synthesis.

The Track-Draw package provides three complementary features. First, it provides a simple graphical technique for entering a set of parameter vectors (tracks) that serve as input to the synthesizer. Second, it has a copy synthesis procedure which enables the user to draw a set of formant tracks over the spectrogram of a recorded speech sample, synthesize the pattern, and compare the synthesized version to the original. Third, it includes a sine-wave synthesis procedure which replaces the time-varying formant pattern of natural speech with a set of frequency-modulated sinusoids (Remez, Rubin, Pisoni, & Carrell, 1981).

Track Draw was created by the collective efforts of Peter Assmann, Will Ballard, Laurie Bornstein and Dwayne Paschall. Send us an email message if you have comments, questions, or suggestions: [email protected].

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