Accounting 6351-Fall 2002

Procedures to Prepare the Tax Return via InSource


1.   From the lab tech in the School of Management computer lab (Room JO 4.914), obtain an account.  Ask the lab tech put you in the “Accounting” group.


2.   To access the software go to the internet and enter


(Note: this software may be accessed in the library lab or off campus.  You need download the client service file. Without a high speed connection this may take some time.)


3.   You should get the homepage screen for “InSource Express RS”


4.   Enter: Login ID:  (your last name) (* If your last name is duplicated see Note #1 below)

                        Firm: 518H

                        Location: ***

Password: (your SSN or Student ID Number)


5.   Click:  “Return”, then Click: New.


6.   In the “New Return” page, select the Account, 518H, Year 2001, and the type, 1040, and then click OK.


7.   Enter your last name as the taxpayer’s last name, and then select your user ID as the preparer.  (DO NOT enter any passwords on this screen). Then Click “Add and Open”


8.   Be sure to memorize the locator number for the file so you may retrieve the file at a later date.  


9.   Put taxpayer information in the “Organizer”. Then, Click the “Save” and “Full Re-compute” icons (they are among the tools on the upper tool bars). The information entered in the Organizer should then be automatically transferred to the tax form.


10. Log out when you finish the tax return work each time. Otherwise, you can not access you account to continue the tax return from another computer next time.  





     1:     For students with the same last names (Joseph, Li, Liu, Ren, Song, Wang), the User ID is the combination of the last name and the first letter of the first name. For example, the User ID for Sally Smith is smiths. (Exceptions: Jayan Joseph: joseph; Lan Li: Li; Yanping Liu: liuyp) 


2.   If red points (with arrow) appear on the screen, errors have been detected in your tax return.



3.   Lab Hours:      M –F                10:00 am to    8:00 pm

            Sat                   11:00 am to    5:00 pm

Sunday            12:00 am to    5:00 pm:


4.  TAs will be in the lab to assist in accessing the software on Wednesday from 4:45 to 5:45.


5.   Printing:  Print the whole tax return.

            (Note: In MIS lab there is only 8- page print quota per day.)


  1. TAs:  For Problem 1:Ruqian Teng  [email protected]

                For Problem 2: Sophie [email protected]