My teaching responsibilities have included graduate courses that span multiple core disciplines: Business Analytics (BUAN), Management Information Systems (MIS) and Healthcare Management (HMGT). I have developed the graduate core course on Healthcare Informatics within the MS in Healthcare Management program. I have also led a joint UTD-UTSW Medical Centre collaboration to develop a new elective course (HMGT 6327) which provides students with hands-on experience in the use of the EPIC electronic medical record software. These courses provide the foundation for the Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology which was launched in Fall 2012.

I have developed and taught a graduate elective course on Information Technology and Management (MIS 6302) for the MS in Information Technology & Management program, and also taught the core Accounting Information Systems course (AIM 6343) for the MS in Accounting program. I have been teaching a PhD course on IS economics, since Fall 2009, for our MIS Ph.D. candidates.


BUAN 6356: Business Analytics with R (core course for MS in Business Analytics program)

MIS 6204: Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals (core MIS course for MBA program)

HMGT 6323: Health Care Informatics (cross listed with MIS 6317)

HMGT 6327: Electronic Health Records Applications

MIS 7420: Information Systems Ph.D. Empirical Research Seminar


MIS 6302: Strategic Impact of Information Technology (2002 - 2010).

AIM 6343: Accounting Information Systems (2004 - 2011)