Our Research

Search for New Classes of Superconductors: develop and design different types of new compounds based on examination and modification of known compounds. Exploratory synthesis, characterize, and searching for novel compounds with unusual properties for scientific studies, especially superconductors with higher Tc or Jc for the energy and power applications;

Fe-pnictides Superconductors: synthesis bulk and single crystals of different Fe-based superconductors, and investigate their detailed magnetic and thermodynamic transport properties at low temperature and magnetic field under both ambient and high pressure conditions; exploratory synthesis and characterization of transition metal pnictides and intergrowth compounds with interesting feature;

Structure and Properties Relationship for Complex Strongly Correlated Electron Systems: fundamental understanding of the emergent magnetic and electronic order in the strongly corrected electron materials through materials design, physical properties tuning through chemical doping, and detail magnetic and electronic properties investigation, particular spin-density-wave (SDW) and charge-density-wave (CDW) order materials, multiferroic, and topological ordered materials;

Material and Physics Studies of Zintl Phases and Polar Intermetallics: Synthesis, structure, properties and reactivity of complex polar intermetallics along the Zintl border with interesting and enhanced electronic, thermoelectric, magnetic and superconducting properties;.

High Performance of Thermoelectric, Thermal conducting, and Magnetic Materials with Energy Applications: Materials synthesis and physical studies of the novel thermoelectric, thermal conducting, and magnetic materials in both polycrystalline and single crystal forms under different conditions; Search and design new organic/inorganic perovskite materials for photovoltaic applications.

Large Single Crystal Growth for Physical Characterization of Novel Materials: Grown large and high quality of single crystal through flux method (metal flux, molten salts flux, intermetallic flux, or oxide flux), vapor transport method, solution growth method and floating zone techniques; optimize the synthetic methods and parameters of different kinds for sizeable single crystals for physical studies; Particularly interested in growing large size crystals of alkali, alkaline earth-based air-sensitive materials.

Developing Synthetic Routes to Novel Functional Materials: Develop new synthetic routes such as reactions in molten salts and ionic liquids, hydrothermal, thermal decomposition, and intercalation reactions for new functional materials exploration with designed functionality. .

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