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GEOS-5311: Applied Groundwater Modeling
Spring 2013

Dr. T. Brikowski, Geosciences Dept., UTD

Learn how to make detailed quantitative analysis and prediction of groundwater flow and chemical transport, and earn college credit. UTD's Applied Groundwater Modeling course is light on theory, heavy on application of the most widely used groundwater modeling programs (modflow, modpath, MT3D, RT3D). Based on the textbook Applied Groundwater Modeling (Anderson & Woessner, 1992) and using the DOD Groundwater Modeling System interface (GMS, Fig. 1) to build models and analyze their results.

Figure 1: GMS model development and interpretation software interface.
r4in Image gms71_interface

This course is intended to provide the basic skills and experience needed to perform groundwater modeling studies in hydrology (e.g. see groundwater modeling jobs and ). In this class, you will learn how to generate valid hydrologic flow (modflow) and transport models (modpath, MT3D, or RT3D) and to make meaningful analyses of the results. Laboratory exercises will provide hands-on experience using GMS modeling software to explore issues raised in the lectures. Most lab exercises can be completed off-campus, since all the modeling programs used in class are public domain, and the GMS software is available at no charge to many U.S. Government employees and contractors.

Class meets Th 10:00AM - 12:45PM in ROC 2.701 beginning Jan. 17thUTD Call Number 26472 (see Syllabus).

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GEOS 5311 Spring 2013
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