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List of Figures

  1. Heard Museum sample locations
  2. Discharge, East Fork Trinity River at McKinney 2005-2007
  3. Measurement of stream cross-sectional area
  4. Students gauging Cottonwood Creek, UTD
  5. Looking downstream from bridge to gazebo, Aug. 15, 2005 flood
  6. Flood recession, Aug. 2005
  7. Variation of stream velocity with depth
  8. The float method for velocity determination
  9. Students using the float method for velocity measurement
  10. Impeller flowmeter
  11. Students using an impeller flowmeter
  12. Schematic of stream water level monitoring station
  13. Example rating curve for a stream gauging station
  14. Dipolar nature of water molecule and hydrogen bond
  15. Dissolution of NaCl in water
  16. Dissociation reaction of H$_2$O
  17. The pH scale
  18. Variation of pH vs. temperature
  19. Portable turbidity meter
  20. Turbidimeter controls and display
  21. ph Meter display and controls.
  22. Pour-through cell arrangement for spectrophotometer
  23. Dissolved oxygen-electrical conductivity-temperature mete
  24. Heard Museum topographic map
  25. Level survey procedure
  26. Satellite image of Heard Museum, with sample locations

GEOS 3110 Professor's Notes, Summer 2007
Dr. T. Brikowski, U. Texas-Dallas. All rights reserved.