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Surface Water Quantity and Quality

In the first day's lab we will evaluate the water balance of the Heard Museum, and assess water quality differences between the major surface water bodies (Wilson Creek and wetlands).

  1. Surface water balance
    1. evaluate stream flow using ``Stream Gauging'', Chp. 3
      1. learn gauging along Wood Duck Trail boardwalk (Fig. 1.1) and Bullfrog Pond discharge
      2. obtain discharge for ``Canoe Trail'' (discharge of Wetlands) and ``Railroad Bridge'' (Wilson Creek inflow to Museum)
    2. assess evaporation from wetlands, Chp. 5
  2. Wetlands and water quality
    1. obtain samples from Wetlands, Bullfrog Pond and Wilson Creek
    2. determine basic water chemistry (Chp. 4

Figure 1.1: Heard Museum sample locations. Golf course is about 1/2 mile wide, north is up.
Image heardSampleLocnsGE

GEOS 3110 Professor's Notes, Summer 2007
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