Journal Articles
  • Kim, Alisha and Jonas Bunte (forthcoming) “Demand for different types of public goods: Evidence from Nigeria,” Review of Social Economy
  • Bunte, Jonas and Alisha Kim (2017) “Explaining the Portfolio of Public Goods provided by Local Governments,” World Development, 92: 28-39 (paper)
  • Bunte, Jonas (2016) “Wage Bargaining, Inequality, and the Dutch Disease,” International Studies Quarterly, 60(4): 677-692 (paper)
  • Bunte, Jonas, and Laura Thaut Vinson (2016) “Local Power-Sharing Institutions and Inter-Religious Violence in Nigeria,” Journal of Peace Research, 53(1): 49-65. (paper)
  • Bunte, Jonas, Oliver Gloede, and Christoph Trautvetter “The BOTOS-Approach – An alternative concept of debt cancellation,” P&E-Forschungspapier, 5(1). 2004. (Reprinted in: Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (gtz). 2006. Source Book on Poverty Reduction. Berlin.) (paper)

Under Review
Book Manuscript
  • The BRICs versus the West: How developing countries choose their creditors.” (under contract)

Journal Articles
  • “Guns or Money? Defense Cooperation and Bilateral Lending as Coevolving Networks,” with Brandon Kinne (Revise and Resubmit) (paper)
  • “Explaining Preferences across different Public Goods,” with Alisha Kim (Revise and Resubmit)
  • “FDI and Economic Growth in Liberia,’’ with Harsh Desai, Kanio Gbala, Brad Parks, and Daniel Miller Runfo (Revise and Resubmit)
  • “Debt relief and free-riding creditors”
  • “International War and Domestic Violence,” with Nadine Connell and Zach Powell
  • “Networks of Bilateral Lending,” with Brandon Kinne

Work in Progress
  • “Bilateral loans and Private investment”
  • “Why do students take Political Science classes?”