• IPEC4301 – Political Economy of Industrialized Countries [Syllabus]
  • IPEC4302 – Political Economy of Developing Countries [Syllabus]
  • IPEC4377 – Politics of International Finance [Syllabus]
  • POL3085 – Quantitative Analysis in Political Science [Syllabus]
  • POL3835 – Introduction to International Politics [Syllabus]

  • PPPE6301 – Political-Economic Theories [Syllabus]
  • PPPE6368 – Political Economy of Finance [Syllabus]
  • PPPE6370 – Political Economy of Natural Resources [Syllabus]

I have received several awards for teaching excellence. At the
department-level, I won the “Comet Outstanding Teaching Award.” At the college-level, I received the “EPPS Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.” At the university-level, I was awarded the “President’s Teaching Teaching Excellence Award in Undergraduate Instruction.”
teaching award Presidents_Award