Conference/Workshop Presentations
(Informal or no Proceeding)

Data and Applications Security

  1. Mathematical Formalisms for Multilevel Object-Oriented Systems, paper presented at the Workshop on Object-Oriented Database Security, Karlshrue, West Germany, April 1990.
  2. Neural Network Applications in Intrusion Detection, paper distributed and presented at the 7th Intrusion Detection Workshop, Menlo Park, CA, May 1991 (co-author: W. Ford).
  3. Secure Interoperability of Trusted Database Management Systems, Technical paper presented at the ACM Workshop on Data Management Security and Privacy Standards, San Antonio, TX, December 1991 (Held in conjunction with the 7th IEEE Computer Security Applications Conference).
  4. Object-oriented Approach to Interconnecting Trusted Database Management Systems, technical paper presented at the ACM Workshop on Data Management Security and Privacy Standards, San Antonio, TX, December 1992 (Held in conjunction with the 8th IEEE Computer Security Applications Conference) (co-author: H. Rubinovitz).
  5. Fuzzy Logic and Multilevel Databases, presented at the 1st Boston Area Fuzzy Logic Workshop, February 1993.
  6. Towards a Global Multilevel Data Model in a Secure Heterogeneous Database System, Presented at the TIMS/ORSA Conference, October 1993 (abstract in proceedings).
  7. Security and Integrity Constraint Processing in a Multilevel Secure Distributed Environment, Information Security for the 90s, AFCEA Conference, Ft. Monmouth, NJ, May 1993 (co-authors: A. Abreu, H. Rubinovitz, M. Collins).
  8. Technologies and Security Issues for the Semantic Web, Data and Knowledge Engineering Workshop, Sonoma, May 2002.
  9. Geospatial RDF and Secure GRDF, presented at the Geospatial Semantic Web workshop at Semantic Web Symposium, November 2006, Athens, GA. (co-author: A. Ashraful).
  10. Building Trustworthy Geospatial Semantic Web, Geospatial Technologies in Homeland Security Conference, College Station, TX. November 2006.
  11. Sensor and Geospatial Data Management for Border Patrol and Crime Analysis, MITRE Sensor Community Workshop, Poster Presentation, May 2007 (co-authors: A. Ashraful, S. Shekar, L. Khan, G. Subbiah).
  12. Data Mining, Security and Privacy, Position Paper, NSF Workshop, September 2007.
  13. Security and Ontologies, Microsoft Workshop on Semantic Technologies, June 2007 (co-author: K. Hamlen).
  14. Geospatial Data Mining for Crime Analysis, Next Generation Data Mining Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 2007 (co-author: S. Shekhar et al).