Department of Defense and Other Agencies

  1. A Tutorial in Database System and Database System Security, A three full- day tutorial presented to the U.S. Army CECOM, Ft. Monmouth (August 1992, January 1993), and Dept. of the Navy SPAWAR, Washington D.C. (February 1993).
  2. A Seminar on Secure Database Systems, Full-day tutorial presented to the Dept. of the Navy NCCOSC, San Diego (January 1993, June 1993); Versions also presented to the U.S. Air Force AFCSC (June, August, September, 1991 - San Antonio, TX).
  3. A Seminar in Object-Oriented DBMS, Full day-tutorial presented to the Department of the Navy NCCOSC, San Diego, June 1993; U.S. Army, CECOM, Ft. Monmouth, April 1994; DISA November 1994; NSA April 1995.
  4. A Seminar in Distributed and Heterogeneous DBMS, Full-day tutorial presented to the Department of the Navy NCCOSC, San Diego, June 1993; U.S. Army, CECOM, Ft. Monmouth, April 1994; DISA, November 1994.
  5. A Seminar in Real-time DBMS, Presented to U.S. Army, CECOM, Ft. Monmouth, N.J., April 1994.
  6. A Tutorial in Database Management Systems, series of seven lectures given at ESC University, Hanscom AFB, Bedford, MA, September 1994 - April 1995 (Introduction, Relational, Object-Oriented, Distributed, Heterogeneous DBMS, Real-time, Intelligent Data Management/Data Mining).
  7. Data Mining, Developments and Challenges, July 1998, San Antonio (AIA), and Stuttgart (Eucom). (versions given to many govt. organizations).
  8. Data Management Systems Evolution and Interoperation, AFCEA (Three days) June 1999, September 1998, DISA-DARPA-JPO (One day) September 1999.
  9. Data Management, Data Mining and E-Commerce, AFCEA, October 2000 (Three days).
  10. Data Management, Information Management and Knowledge Management, AFCEA October 2001, also versions at AFCEA October 2002, October 2003, September 2004, October 2005 (Air Force Bases: October 2004 - Offut, March 2005 - Eglin, August 2005 - Lackland, June 2006 – Edwards, September 2006 - Kirkland).
  11. Data Mining and Applications in Counter-terrorism, AFCEA June 2003, December 2003, December 2004, March 2006 (Three days) , December 2006, November 2007, May 2007, November 2007, November 2008, June 2010 (enhanced version of Technet presentation).
  12. Knowledge Management, Semantic Web and Social Networks, AFCEA April 2008, October 2009, April 2010, October 2010.
  13. Data Mining Technologies and Applications in Counter-terrorism, Department of State, 2010.