Significant External Technology Exchange Meetings and Presentations

  1. Algorithmic Information Theory, University of Minnesota, Seminar Series, February 1982.
  2. LDV: Design of a Secure Database System, RADC Technology Exchange, December 1987.
  3. Trusted Database Management Systems: Where are we? Where should we go?, Technology Exchange SPAWAR, Washington DC, February 1991, and NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, March 1991.
  4. Multilevel Security for Multimedia Systems, Technology Exchange SPAWAR, Washington, DC, February 1991 (co-presenters: H. Rubinovitz and M. Collins).
  5. Towards Developing SDDT: A Secure Distributed Database Testbed System, presented at the Rome Laboratory Technology Exchange Meeting, November 1991, Rome, NY.
  6. Inference Problem in Secure Databases, University of Connecticut, April 1992.
  7. Multilevel Security Impact on Database Management Systems Interface Standards, presented to the Next Generation Computer Systems Database Management Systems Interface Standards Working Group, June 1992 (co-presenter: A. Carengelo), Newport, RI.
  8. Approaches to Designing Secure Database Systems, NGCR (Navy Next Generation Computing Resources) Meeting, San Diego, CA, August 1992.
  9. Towards a Multilevel Data Model, NGCR (Navy Next Generation Computing Resources) Meeting, Orlando, FL, October 1992.
  10. Presentations on Multilevel Security for Object-Oriented Database Systems; Security and Integrity Constraint Processing in a Multilevel Secure Distributed Environment; Applying OMT for Multilevel Database Application Design, NSA Technology Exchange Conference, Ft. Meade, MD, July 27, 1993 (Proceedings). (co-authors: H. Rubinovitz, M. Collins, L. Binns, P. Sell).
  11. Transaction Processing for MDDS: Developments and Directions, Massive Digital Data Systems Workshop (Community Management Staff), Reston, VA, February 1 and 2, 1994.
  12. RT-OMT: A Realtime Object Modeling Technique for Designing Real-time Database Applications, presented to the Next Generation Computer Systems Database Management Systems Interface Standards Working Group, Alexandria, VA, April 1994, (also presented to OMG in Helsinki, July 1998).
  13. Real-time Processing and CORBA, presented at the Next Generation Computer Systems, Database Management Systems Interface Standards Working Group, June 1994, Newport, RI; a version given as a guest presentation at the Department of the Navy NRaD's Distributed Systems Technology Conference, March 1995.
  14. Evolvable Real-time C3 Systems Initiative, Navy SPAWAR, San Diego, August 1994; Rome Laboratory Technology Exchange Meeting, Rome, NY, October 1994; NGCR Meeting, Salt Lake City, November 1994; enhanced versions at Ministry of Defense, Australia 1996; INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, November 1996; University of Kyoto, April 1997; EPFL Lausanne, May 1998; National University of Singapore, May 1999.
  15. Massive Digital Data Systems, Rome Lab Workshop, Boston, October 1995; INRIA, Paris November 1996; NEC Research Labs, San Jose, April 1997; HPCC, Maui, May 1998; University of Rhode Island, June 1996; National University of Singapore, August 1997; Tokyo Institute of Technology, May 1999; Hiroshima University, April 1998.
  16. Real-time Database Management, IEEE Computer Society, Special Presentation, Boston Chapter January 1996; version also given in Madrid, Spain at OMG Meeting, July 1996.
  17. Internet Database Management, OMG Meeting, Internet SIG, Washington DC, June 1996.
  18. Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Security, (version of IFIP 1996 keynote), seminars at IBM Zurich and University of Zurich, 1996.
  19. Object Technology for C4I Applications, kickoff presentation at OMG Meeting C4I Founding Working Group, June 1996.
  20. Real-time Object Modeling, OMG Meeting, Helsinki, July 1998.
  21. Data Mining, University of Cambridge, 1999, University of Stockholm 1999, IEEE Lecture at MIT 2000, University of Wales, 2001.
  22. Directions for Securing Semantic Web Technologies, NSF-EU Workshop on Semantic Web, October 2001. Also version presented at NSF workshop on Semantic Web, Amicalola, GA, March 2002.
  23. Research Directions in Data Management, NSF EPSCOR Conference, University of Arkansas (Little Rock, November 2001), Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, April 2002).
  24. Seminars on Data and Applications Security and XML Security, Wright State University, February 2003; University of Illinois, Urbana, Champagne, April 2003; George Mason University, April 2003; University of Texas at Dallas, November 2003; University of Minnesota, December 2003.
  25. Directions for Research in Data and Applications Security and CyberTrust, New England Database Meeting, September 2003.
  26. Data and Applications Security and Discovery Informatics, Seminar series kickoff presentation, Johns Hopkins University, October 2003.
  27. Computer and Information Science at NSF, NSF EPSCOR Conference, University of Oklahoma, January 2004.
  28. Third Party Publications of XML Documents, Seminar series, Ohio State University, January 2004; University of California at Riverside January 2004; Penn State University, April 2004; The MITRE Corporation, March 2005.
  29. Data Mining for Security Applications, Plano Security Symposium, April 2005.
  30. Data Mining for Counter-terrorism, IEEE Dallas Chapter Presentation, February 2005.
  31. Data Mining for Cyber Security, ACM Dallas Chapter Presentation, April 2005.
  32. Data Mining, Security and Civil Liberties, presentation to National White Collar Crime Center, June 2005.
  33. Confidentiality, Privacy and Trust for the Semantic Web, The MITRE Corporation, November 2005.
  34. Data Security Research at UTD, Raytheon Corporation, January 2006.
  35. Data Mining for Security and Counter-terrorism, CIA Seminar Series, May 2006 (CIA Headquarters).
  36. Information Operations: Assured Information Sharing, AFOSR Technology Exchange Conference, Utica, NY, August 2006; Syracuse, NY, June 2007; Washington DC, June 2008.
  37. Intellectual Property Protection, NAFTA Meeting, Dallas, December 2006.
  38. Geospatial Semantic Web, OGC Interoperability Working Group, October 2006.
  39. Geospatial RDF, (with A. Ashraful), W3C Working Group on Geospatial Data, October 2006.
  40. Data Mining and Applications in Malicious Code Detection and Security, Seminar series, University of North Texas, November 2006; University of Texas at Arlington, December 2006.
  41. Data Mining for Buffer Overflow, Seminar series, Purdue University (February 2007); Polytechnic University New York, August 2007.
  42. Data Security Research at UTD, Navy SPAWAR, August 2007.
  43. Digital Forensics, SWE UT Dallas Chapter Meeting, October 4, 2007.
  44. Digital Forensics, ACM UT Dallas Chapter Meeting, October 25, 2007.
  45. Data Mining for Security Applications, SWE Dallas Chapter Meeting, February 2008.
  46. Semantic Web Research at UT Dallas, IARPA KDD Workshop, February 2008.
  47. Blackbook Experiences, RDEC User Conference, May 2008.
  48. Assured Information Requirements Gathering, DoD MURI Program Review, Baltimore, MD September 2008.
  49. Assured Information Sharing, Seminar at National University of Singapore, October 2008; University of Penang, October 2008.
  50. Managing Large RDF Graphs, IARPA KDD Workshop, December 2008.
  51. Knowledge Discovery and Security Informatics, SAP Labs, May 2009, Rockwell Collins, March 2009.
  52. Secure Semantic Grid, AFOSR Program Review, Washington DC, June 2009.
  53. Data Mining and Security, Microsoft Invitational Workshop in Data for Interdisciplinary Research, September 2009.
  54. Information and Security Analytics at UTD, presentation at Wright State University, November 2009.
  55. Assured Information Sharing: Opportunities and Challenges for Indo-US Collaboration, Presented at the Info-US Summit on Infrastructure Security, January 2010 (sponsored by NSF and IUSSTF).
  56. Cyber Security Research and Education at UTD, Mississippi State University, January 2010.
  57. Data Mining for Malware Detection, University of Arizona, February 2010.
  58. Dallas - Ideal city for a technology conference, Presented to the IEEE Data Engineering Steering Committee, March 2010 (Co-author: Rhonda Walls)
  59. Assured Information Sharing: Malicious Code Detection, University of Louisville, March 2010.
  60. Assured Cloud Computing, AFOSR Review, Arlington, VA, July 2010.
  61. Data Mining for Malware Detection, DFW ATW, Dallas, TX, June 2011.
  62. Information Sharing on the Cloud, AFOSR Review, Arlington, VA, September 2011.