Panel Papers and Presentations
(Some presentations published as proceeding papers)

  1. Inference Problem in Database Security, Panel presentation at the 1st RADC Database Security Workshop, (Chair: M. Morgenstern) 1988. Proceedings paper published by Springer Verlag, 1992. (Ed: T. Lunt).
  2. Issues in Trusted Distributed Database Management Systems - A Position Paper, Proceedings of the 13th National Computer Security Conference, Washington DC, October 1990 (Chair: J. Campbell).
  3. Issues in Multilevel Secure Object-Oriented Database Management Systems - A Position Paper, Proceedings of the 13th National Computer Security Conference, Washington, DC , October 1990 (Chair: R. Sandhu).
  4. Database Security - Threats, Solutions, Designs and Products, Panel presentation at the 6th International Data Engineering Conference, Los Angeles, CA, February 1990 (Chair: I. Kameny).
  5. Recent Developments in Some Trusted Database Management Systems, Proceedings of the 14th National Computer Security Conference, Washington DC, October 1991 (Chair: J. Campbell).
  6. Approaches to Handling the Inference Problem, Proceedings of the 14th National Computer Security Conference, Washington DC, October 1991 (Chair: T. Lunt).
  7. Security Issues for Federated Database Systems, Presented at the 5th IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Database Security, November 1991, Proceedings by North Holland, 1992 (Chair: M. Morgenstern).
  8. Security Issues for Heterogeneous Database Systems, Presented at the 11th Phoenix IEEE International Conference on Computers and Communications, April 1992 (Chair: O. Sheng).
  9. Secure Distributed Database Management Systems, Presented at the 6th IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Database Security, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 1992 (Chair: C. McCollum).
  10. Approaches to Designing Trusted DBMSs, Presented at the 18th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 1992 (Chair: M. Morgenstern).
  11. Object-oriented Approach to the Interoperability of Trusted Database Management Systems, Proceedings of the 16th National Computer Security Conference, September 1993 (Chair: J. Williams).
  12. Integrating Object-oriented and Security Technologies, Panel Chair, OOPSLA Conference, Washington, DC, September 1993 (conference proceedings).
  13. Realtime Systems: From Research to Technology to Applications, 2nd IEEE Real-time Systems Applications Workshop, Calverton, MD, July 1994 (Chair: Bob Harrison).
  14. Inference Problem, Panel Chair, 17th NCSC Conference, Baltimore, October 1994 (paper published in the proceedings).
  15. Real-time and CORBA, Object World West, San Francisco, August 1995 (Chair: F. Kuhl - presentation in proceedings); also versions at panels at IEEE Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-time Systems, February 1996 (Chair: R. Soley).
  16. Distributed Systems Standards, IEEE Distributed Systems Conference, Hong Kong, May 1996, panel paper (Chair: R. Soley).
  17. Standards for ADADS, Panel at IEEE ISADS 1997, Berlin (Chair: K. Kim; paper in proceedings).
  18. Data Warehousing, Data Mining Overview and Security, Panels at National Computer Systems Security Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 1996 (Chairs: J. Campbell, J. Davis).
  19. Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Security, Panel discussion, Proceedings IFIP Database Security Workshop, 1997 (Chapman and Hall, 1998) (Chair).
  20. Data Mining of Text and Images, Panel at MIT Media Lab Forum October 1997 (Chair: N. Adam).
  21. Web Data Mining, Inaugural Panel at IEEE ICTAI 97, November 1997 (Chairs: Wei Syan Li, J. Srivastava).
  22. Multimedia Data Mining, AFCEA Technet Panel, June 1997, (Chair: T. Nyland); also version at AFCEA Data Mining Symposium Panel, December 1997.
  23. CIO Conference on Object Security, FEDOOTS 1997 (Chair).
  24. Privacy for Data Mining and Web, Panel discussion, proceedings IFIP Database Security Conference, 1998 (Book chapter by Kluwer) (Chair).
  25. Web and Data Security, Panels at IEEE COMPSAC 1998 (Proceedings), and IEEE Data Engineering March 1999.
  26. Migrating Legacy Databases, IEEE Data Engineering Conference, 1998 (Chair) (proceedings).
  27. Directions for Software Technology, IEEE COMPSAC Distinguished panel, 1998 (Chair: S. Yau).
  28. Ecommerce Directions, IEEE KDEX 1998, Taiwan (Chair: J. Tsai).
  29. Future Research in Multimedia Database Semantics, IFIP 2.6 panel discussion, New Zealand, January 1999 (Chair).
  30. Open ADADS Systems, IEEE ISADS, Tokyo, March 1999 (Proceedings).
  31. Web and Network Security Panel, IEEE COMPSAC October 2000; IEEE ISADS, March 2001 (Chair).
  32. Real-time Software Engineering, ASSET, Dallas, March 2000 (Chair: I. Yen).
  33. Data Mining, Protecting Children from Inappropriate Content on Web, National Academy of Sciences, July 2000. (Chair: R. Thornburgh, Former US Attorney General).
  34. Data Fusion for Counter-terrorism, National Academy of Sciences, June 2002 (Chair: G. Strong).
  35. Data Security Directions, IFIP 11.3 Amsterdam, August 2000 (Chair; proceedings Kluwer 2001).
  36. Directions for ISADS, Distinguished panel, IEEE ISADS, March 2001 (Chair: S. Yau).
  37. Secure Semantic Web, Future Distributed Computing Panel, IEEE FTDCS, November 2001 (Chair: S. Yau).
  38. Data Integrity, IICIS Panel, November 2001, Proceedings Lower, 2002, (Chair: L. Straus).
  39. XML Security Panel, IFIP 11.3 July 2001, Proceedings, Lower, 2002, (Chair: S. Osborne).
  40. Web Mining/Security Panel, April 2002 (SIAM Data Mining Conference).
  41. Data Engineering Directions, IEEE Data Engineering Plenary Panel, March 2002.
  42. Database Technologies, Security and Privacy, Stanford University Database workshop, March 2002 (Chair: J. Ullman).
  43. Privacy, IFIP Data and Applications Conference, July 2002, Cambridge, UK, (Book chapter 2003, Chair: P. Samarati).
  44. Cyber Security and Terrorism, Panel at the United Nations Conference on Cyber Security, New York, September 2002 (Chair: M. Lacey).
  45. ADADS for National Security, Panel Paper, published Proceedings IEEE ISADS 2003 (Chair: L. Cordell; did not attend conference due to another commitment at NSF).
  46. CRA-W Panel on Writing Career Proposals, CRA-W Workshop, San Diego, CA, June 2003.
  47. Privacy and Data Mining: Friends or Foes?, KDD Panel, Washington DC, August 2003 (Chair: R. Agrawal).
  48. Future of XML Databases, Panel at XML Data Workshop at EDBT, March 2004 (Chair: M. Mastitis; position paper in Springer).
  49. Databases for Virtual Organizations, Panel at DIVO Workshop, ACM SIGMOD Conference, Paris, June 2004.
  50. Secure Web Services, Panel at IEEE Web Services Conference. San Diego, CA, July 2004.
  51. Database Security for Homeland Security, IFIP Database Security Conference, July 2004
  52. Women and Cyber Security, Secure Knowledge Management Workshop, September 2004.
  53. Sensor Information Management, MITRE Community Workshop, Mclean, VA, October 2005.
  54. Data Mining for Cyber Security, Collin County Security Conference, April 2006.
  55. Data Mining for Security Applications, Plenary Panel, Information and Security Informatics, San Diego, CA, May 2006.
  56. Directions in Access Control, ACM SACMAT, 2006 (Chair: R. Sandhu).
  57. Security Engineering Education, Panel at IEEE COMPSAC Conference on Software Engineering Education, September 2006 (Chair: D. Simmons).
  58. Geospatial Semantic Web and Interoperability, OGC Interoperability Day, October 2006.
  59. Information Security, DFW Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, TX March 2007.
  60. Assured Information Sharing, ACM SACMAT June 2007 (Chair).
  61. Information Security Education, Software Engineering and Computer Science, Dallas, TX, August 2007.
  62. Directions for Cyber Security, Panel at Cyber Security Symposium, Arizona State U, April 2008 (Chair: S. Yau).
  63. Secure Distributed Systems, Panel IFIP Data Security Conference, July 2008, London (Proceedings) (Chair: S. Barker).
  64. Directions for Sensor and Pervasive Applications, TRUST, Shanghai, December 2008 (Chair: S. Yau).
  65. Women in Cyber Security, Secure Knowledge Management Conference, Dallas, TX, November 2008 (Chair).
  66. Data Security for Outsourcing, DFW Outsourcing Association, January 2009, (Chair: Attorney Mr. Peter Vogel).
  67. Intelligence and Security Informatics, ISI, Dallas, TX, June 2009 (Panel Chair)
  68. Data and Applications Security, Riend van der Riet Panel, IFIP Data and Applications Security Conference, Montreal 2009 (Panel Chair).
  69. Challenges of Effective Applications of Cloud Computing, The 4th International Conference on Frontier of Computer Science and Technology, Shanghai, December 2009 (Chair: S. Yau).
  70. Challenges for COMPSAC, Plenary Panel, Seoul, S Korea, July 2010 (Chair: S. Yau).
  71. Challenges for ISI, July 2011, Panel Chair, IEEE ISI Beijing, China, July 2011.
  72. Security for Cloud Computing, IEEE International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing System (FTDCS) 2011, Banff, Canada, September 2011.