Ch. Glengowan's Sugar and Spice (Pepper)
Greater Houston GRC, July 15, 2004

Handler: Rebecca Gear

Pepper was bred to Hobo (Ch. Summit's Mr. Bojangles).  Eight boys and five girls were born on March 29. The litter theme is "folk songs."  Folk Songs from Digital Tradition - free sheet music on offers a list of thousands of possible names.

Hobo was Best of Breed at the 2003 and 2004 GRCA national specialties. Pepper was the eighth ranked conformation bitch in 2004 (GR News, March/April 2005). The parents, and the puppies' pedigree, suggest that they will have outstanding  conformation and will have working ability as well.

Pepper's clearances are available in PDF format. Select (eye exam) (CERF certificate) (OFA hip and elbow clearance) (OFA heart and thyroid clearance) as you wish.

Select as you wish for Hobo's hip, eye, heart, and elbow clearances, also in pdf format.

A questionnaire for prospective puppy owners
is available (MS Word format). It may be filled out in MS Word and returned by e-mail to:

[email protected]

Click here for more photos of Pepper, Hobo, and the litter. For photos of the litter from 4/16-4/19 click here. To see the pups as they were having their first meal on 4/21 click here. Photos from 4/23 and 4/24 show them becoming more social, exploring the kitchen, and becoming more expressive. Photos from 4/28, 4/30, and 5/1 show growth and nice expressions. May 2 and May 3 find the babies exploring more new things and mom protecting herself from sharp baby teeth on sensitive nipples.

Weight gains have been excellent. Click here for a graph current through May 21.

May 5 was the day the puppies discovered pheasant wings.

Pepper tired of nursing and was retired on May 7. Just look at her expression!

Daughters Carol and Robin visited May 7 and 8. The puppies really enjoy company! Other friends, the Hortons, came too.

The mini-ex yard was put up on May 10.  The puppies enjoyed the outdoors. It was a hoot to chase mom, grandma, and half-sibs. We enjoy life!

May 15 was a big day. We first had Shari Degan visiting. Then we had the temperament test with Richard Woodmansee (pdf format for the actual test). Links to photos of the test are Puppy Test I and Puppy Test II. Many thanks to Richard, and also to Robin Caldwell Griffith for the photography.

The pups still like a nap after a meal.


Added June 6, 2005:

This CD is intended for puppy buyers and friends with whom they choose to share it. I have for your perusal added many jpg photo files and one mpg without linking.

"DinnerDance" is the interesting counterclockwise dance the puppies used when eating. I only got one food dish and 5 pups on the mpg movie file. It was even more of a hoot when 12 pups on two dishes did the same thing in unison.

There are homing photos for all the puppies except for Orange Girl with Janet and Jill Distler. I missed one. Sorry, Distlers!

The "Stacked" photos were taken with the able help of Judy Word. The
puppies did very well, considering they had never been stacked before, but keep in mind  all the squirminess of a pup in an unfamiliar situation.

I am very pleased with the overall quality of the litter. Temperaments and personalities are outstanding. Type, head, topline, rear angulation, and pigmentation are uniformly very good to excellent. Fronts and front angulation are good to very good. Some have less fill, and some less coat,  than I would prefer.

It has been a real pleasure to rear these puppies. My reward is the homes you will give them. Love your puppy, and never forget that I loved each of them first.