Applications of Operations Research

Course Objective

This seminar course deals with general applications in O.R. without reference to specific methods. It also covers articles on philosophy in modeling and decision making. The course also served the purpose of introducing many of the well known problems in O.R.

Office Hours

Jonsson 4.926
Tuesdays, 4:00pm--5:30pm




Consent of the instructor.

Grading Scheme

Presentations and Class discussion

Course Outline

The topics included on this occasion:
  1. Critical Path Assignment Problem: This is simultaneous generalization of the assignment and the critical path problems and has practical significance.
  2. The Newsboy (Christmas Tree) Problem: The discussion dealt with many generalizations of this famous problem.
  3. The Secretary Problem: Same as above.
  4. Battery Replacement Problem:
  5. The Jeep Problem
  6. Inventory Issuing Policies
  7. Burn-in Phenomenon in Reliability and its associated problems
  8. Habitual Domains: P.L.Yu, O.R. 39 Dec 91 pp. 869-876.
  9. Sequential Games
  10. Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
  11. Bottleneck System Optimization
  12. Assortment Problem
  13. Manpower Scheduling Problems
  14. Optimal Search
  15. Narmada Valley Project Problem
  16. Noniteratvie Transportation Problems
  17. Tool Selection in FMS Systems
  18. Scheduling Interviews in a Job Fair
  19. Brains and Personality: J. Engel, O.R. (1969) pp.761-769.
  20. Prediction and Prescription in System Modeling: H. Simon, O.R. (1990) pp.7-14.
  21. Controlling Traffic in a Network by Offsets in Signals
  22. Multi-Product Inventory Systems
  23. Assembly Line Balancing
  24. Ship Routing and Fiber Optic Networks Design
  25. Chip Selection Problem
  26. Rotating Rosters for a Transit System
  27. Rearrangement of Objects
  28. Controlling a Single Intersection
  29. Yield Management in Airlines
  30. Pattern Recognition by LP
  31. Optimal Size of Machines in Scheduling
  32. Voronoi Diagrams
  33. Express Checkout Stands in a Supermarket
  34. Optimal Testing and Assignment of Components in a Reliable System
  35. Information Acquisition


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