Final Report (approximately 10 pages, double-spaced)

In addition to the information provided in the syllabus, the final report should include:

1.      Your companyís initial Executive Summary and Vision statement.

2.      A comparison of your emergent strategies with your original intended strategy.

3.  Do a SWOT analysis on your firm. (the companyís external environmental threats and opportunities and your organizationís internal strengths and weaknesses)

4.     An evaluation of intended and emergent strategies with respect to your SWOT analysis.

5.      An analysis of your market and competition.

6.      Description of the strategic decisions you made over time, why you made them, and how you implemented them.

7.     A discussion of what you learned from your experience, what worked well, and what you will do differently in the future.  

8.  Your evaluation of the game - too easy, too hard, too much time required, value as a learning experience, suggested changes to game, etc.