Review for Final: Important Concepts


When you are reviewing the following concepts, ask yourself the questions: “what does it mean?” “Does it closely relate to other concepts?” “How may I explain it to my managers and/or subordinates and/or my friends?”


  1. Global Competition
  2. Cost reduction versus local responsiveness
  3. Four Global Strategies
  4. Different entry methods for global expansion
  5. Vertical integration
  6. Diversification
  7. Alliances/long term contracts
  8. Portfolio planning
  9. BCG Matrix
  10. Internal new ventures/acquisitions
  11. Organization structure: Differentiation(vertical/horizontal) and integration
  12. Span of control
  13. Different kinds of organization structures
  14. Elements of strategic control
  15. Balanced scorecard
  16. Reward systems
  17. Matching structure/control to strategy
  18. Strategic change
  19. Decision making(rational and political views)
  20. Power and politics
  21. How to analyze a case