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ChrisDr. Chris Hinkle, Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Engineering

B.S. Physics, North Carolina State University
Ph.D. Physics, North Carolina State University

972-883-5711 |

Our research group combines innovative materials growth, interface and chemical bonding analysis, and state-of-the-art devices to significantly enhance the knowledge and performance capabilities of nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, and energy storage applications.  Our approach utilizes advanced molecular beam epitaxy techniques and highly developed materials characterization to fundamentally understand the growth process, material nanostructure, chemical bonding, and experimentally determined band structure.  We then correlate those findings with advanced electrical transport measurements with devices that we fabricate to take full advantage of the novel properties of the materials and heterostructures that we create.

Our current research is focused on:

1) the development of 2D materials (HfSe2, MoS2, h-BN, stannanane) and heterostructures for advanced low-power electronics such as the broken-gap tunnel FET and the BiSFET.

2) the heterogeneous integration of high-mobility channel materials (GaN, Ge, InGaAs) on bulk Si (100) with high-k/metal gates and advanced low-resistivity contacts for high-performance FinFETs.

3) defect reduction for enhanced efficiency in Si CMOS compatible quantum dot based optoelectronics.

4) the fabrication of novel materials for Li-ion battery electrodes and a detailed understanding of their degradation and interaction with electrolytes.