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Technical Reports and Whitepapers
UTDCS-41-04 (Extending OMG Standards to Support Modeling Agents, Goals, and Components)
UTDCS-17-04 (RUP Vision Document for the Home Appliance Control System: Defining Stakeholders, Goals, and COTS Components)
UTDCS-24-05 (A COTS-Aware Requirements Engineering and Architecting Approach: Defining System Level Agents, Goals, Requirements and Architecture (Version 4))

Rose MDL File (Re-usable CARE/SA Process Model (Rational Rose .mdl Format))

.NET Development Plan (CAT Tool Development Plan (Spring 2006))

DLS Whitepaper (System Level Specification for the Digital Library System)
Tropa Chowdhury, "Case study: Evaluating the Effectiveness of using the COTS-Aware Requirements Engineering and Software Architecting Approach on a distributed, concurrent groupware application", M.Sc., Fall 2004.
Jyothi Katragadda, "Formalization of the CARE Product Model: an Object-oriented XML solution", M.Sc., fall 2004.


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