Validation of CARE/SA

Currently, the CARE/SA technique's process and knowledge base are being developed systematically. We are working through a set of scenarios that consider

1. Identifying requirements that may be implemented using COTS components,
2. Searching through a repository for potential matches,
3. Determining exact matches,
4. Determining close matches,
5. Modifying the components,
6. Modifying the requirements, and
7.Adding components to the knowledge base.

The approach is going to be validated using three interesting example systems:

1. A Digital Library System,
2. A Home Appliance Control System, and
3. A Quality Assurance Review Assistant Tool, a Groupware Application.


A System Level Specification for the Digital Library System example is being developed and refined iteratively. The current version is Version 1.2
A Vision Document for the Home Appliance Control System example is also being developed and refined iteratively, using the RUP. The current version of the Vision Document is Version 1.3



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