clint peinhardt

associate professor of political science,
public policy, and political economy

Curriculum Vitae


  • The University of Michigan Ph.D., Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • Political Science, August 2004
    • Major Field: World Politics
    • Minor Fields: Research Methods, Comparative Politics
  • Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
    • M.A., Politics of Development, 1996
  • Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama
    • B.A., International Studies, 1993
    • Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude, Honors Program

Professional Experience

  • The University of Texas at Dallas
    • Assistant Professor, 2005 - 2013
    • Associate Professor, 2013 - present
  • The University of Michigan
    • Visiting Assistant Professor 2004-2005
    • Research Assistant 1998-2002
    • Graduate Student Instructor 2001
  • ICPSR Summer Program
    • Teaching Assistant 2001
    • Statistical Software Consultant 1998-2003
  • Birmingham-Southern College
    • Assistant to the President 1995-1998
    • Adjunct Instructor 1998

Research Interests

  • The interaction between sovereign governments and multinational corporations
    • Political risk and foreign direct investment
    • International financial liberalization
    • Investment treaty-making and investor-state arbitration
  • International investment law
  • Public opinion and economic policymaking
  • Applied game theory

Professional Memberships

  • American Political Science Association
  • International Studies Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association

Awards and Fellowships

  • The University of Texas at Dallas, Undergraduate Research Award, 2015-2016
  • The University of Texas System, Regents Outstanding Teaching Award, 2011-2012
  • The University of Texas at Dallas, Special Faculty Development Assignment, 2009
  • The University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School Pre-doctoral Fellowship, 2003-2004
  • The University of Michigan, Departmental Dissertation Research Grant, 2001-2002
  • The University of Michigan, Conference Travel Grant, 2001, 2002, 2003
  • The University of Michigan, Regents Graduate Fellowship, 1998-2001
  • The University of Michigan, Ford Foundation Seminar for Area Studies in the Social Sciences, 1998-2000, fieldwork in Kazakhstan
  • Institute of Social Studies, Rotary International Fellowship, 1994-1995

Peer-reviewed Publications

See also Google Scholar Page.
  • Peinhardt, Clint, and Rachel Wellhausen. Forthcoming. “Withdrawing from Investment Treaties but Protecting Investment” Global Policy.
  • Peinhardt, Clint, and Todd Allee. 2016. “Political Risk Insurance as Dispute Resolution” Journal of International Dispute Settlement 7 (1): 205-224.
  • Peinhardt, Clint, and Todd Sandler. 2015. Transnational Cooperation: An Issues-based Approach. Oxford University Press.
  • Allee, Todd, and Clint Peinhardt. 2014. “Evaluating Three Explanations for the Design of Bilateral Investment Treaties” World Politics 66 (1): 47-87.
  • Peinhardt, Clint, and Todd Allee. 2012. “Failure to Deliver: The Investment Effects of US Preferential Economic Agreements.” The World Economy 35 (6):757-83.
  • Allee, Todd, and Clint Peinhardt. 2011. “Contingent Credibility: The Impact of Investment Treaty Violations on Foreign Direct Investment.” International Organization 65 (3):401-32.
  • Peinhardt, Clint, and Todd Allee. 2011. “Devil in the Details? The Investment Effects of Dispute Settlement Variation in BITs.” In Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy, edited by Karl P. Sauvant. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Allee, Todd, and Clint Peinhardt. 2010. “Delegating Differences: Bilateral Investment Treaties and Bargaining Over Dispute Resolution Provisions.” International Studies Quarterly 54 (1):1-26.
  • Hays, Jude C.; Sean Ehrlich; and Clint Peinhardt. 2005. “Globalization in the Study of Comparative and International Political Economy” International Organization 59:2 (Spring 2005). Pages 473-494. Reprinted in John Ruggie, ed. 2008. Embedding Global Markets: An Enduring Challenge. Ashgate Publishing.

Teaching Interests

  • International Political Economy
  • International Organizations
  • Multinational Corporations/Enterprises
  • Formal and Computational Modeling
  • Econometrics
  • Political Economy of Development and/or Transition

Courses Taught >

Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to International Relations (Theory-based Course)
  • Global Politics (Issue-based International Politics Course)
  • International Political Economy
  • Political Economy of Multinational Corporations
  • Pro-seminar in Democratization, Globalization, and International Relations (Graduate)
  • International Political Economy (Graduate)
  • International Organizations (Graduate)
  • Game Theory for Political Scientists (Graduate)
  • Regression Analysis (Graduate)

University and Professional Service

Service at The University of Texas at Dallas

  • Committee on Educational Policy, 2013-present
    • Chair, 2015-present
  • SACSCOC Leadership Team, 2015-present
  • Regents Outstanding Teaching Award Selection, 2015
  • International Education Fund Scholarship Committee, 2014-5
  • Ad hoc Political Science Merger Committee, Chair, 2014
  • Faculty Library Committee, 2011-2012
  • Political Science Lecture Series Coordinator, 2008
  • Political Science Program Committee, 2007-2008, 2014-present
  • Graduate Core Curriculum Committee, 2006-2010
  • Graduate Comparative Politics and International Relations Committee, 2006-present

Service at The University of Michigan

  • Graduate Affairs Committee, Dept. of Political Science, 1999-2000
  • Graduate Student Admissions, Dept. of Political Science, 1999-2000
  • World Politics Search Committee, Dept. of Political Science, 2000-2001

Service to the Profession

  • Reviewer for: American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, Business & Politics, Cambridge University Press, Comparative Political Studies, CQ Press, Economics and Politics, Global Policy, International Organization, International Political Science Review, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Review, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Electoral Studies, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Journal of Politics, Journal of Social Science Research, National Science Foundation, Oxford University Press, Polity, Public Choice, Review of International Political Economy, Review of International Organizations, Swiss National Science Foundation, Taylor & Francis, and World Politics

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