Brain Training Project  
What Is It? 
The Training Project is intended to improve cognitive and daily life functioning after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 
We conduct two types of brain training that are designed to be short and intensive to improve functions such as attention, memory, and reasoning ability. The Training project is also a research study and we use brain imaging and performance measures to better understand how people improve with the training. Our goal is to better understand how the brain improves and how we can better serve the community of individuals and families dealing with the effects of brain injuries. 
Do I Qualify to become a Participant? 
If you are suffering from a head injury and have difficulties with concentration or memory, you may qualify to receive Brain Training. We are actively enrolling individuals with a TBI caused during military service, or in civilian life.  
If you feel you could benefit from this program. Please contact:  
Jelena Rakic 972-883-3319 or email [email protected] 
The flyers (linked below) give some details on the study.  
How Much does it cost? 
If you qualify for enrollment in the Brain Training Program, there is no financial cost to you whatsoever. In fact, we pay you for your time. This program has been made possible through our generous supporters.  
This research is supported by government agencies and private foundations which make this training and research possible. We arecurrently supported by the following
  • Department of Defense (Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs)  
  • Program in Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (LINK) 
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