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I am a Ph.D. Candidate of Biomedical Engineering working under Prof. Gregg at the Locomotor Control Systems Laboratory in the University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently working on this website. Pardon my progress.


My research looks into reverse engineering human locomotion. I am trying to understand how the neuromuscular system parameterizes human gait over time. I am trying to answer one question. Does a single mechancial variable can parameterize the gait cycle? Finding the answer to this question will improve the understanding of the human's neuromuscular system and will enhance robotic prosthetic legs.

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Current Projects

Besides my research, I try to do other things. Scientific outreaching, volunteering, etc... You can take a look at the different projects I am working on now here.


Here you will find interesting website and resources I have found over the years. In addition, I give some tips on how to apply for a Ph.D, what are the procedures to get a fellowship, how to pass your QE. Furthermore, I will be posting the notes from all the classes I have taken during my Ph.D. All the way from neuroscience, to advance math, to nonlinear control systems.

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If you are interested in contacting me, please send me an email to: dario.villarreal AT utdallas DOT edu.

If you want to see my CV click here.