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    student resources

JourneyEd - discount software for students

Video Association of Dallas - Home of the Dallas Video Festival

BH Photo - all manner of equipment, tax free from NYC

Studio Depot - video equipment


    net art sites


Poems That Go





Eastgate Systems

Hyperizons Hypertext Fiction

Mark Amerika's Site



    suggested texts





New Media in Late 20th Century Art
Michael Rush

New Media Reader
Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort, editors

The Language of New Media

Lev Manovich

Mac OS 10.2 Visual Quickstart Guide

Art of the Electronic Age
Frank Popper

Espen Aarseth

Hamlet on the Holodeck
Janet H. Murray

Pause & Effect
Mark Stephen Meadows

Dark Fiber
Geert Lovink

The Digital Dialectic
Peter Lunenfeld

Snap To Grid
Peter Lunenfeld

Information Arts
Stephen Wilson

Feagin & Maynard

The Continental Aesthetics Reader
Clive Cazeaux, ed.




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