EE7v81: Special Topics in Digital Systems

System level design will be focus of this course. Special emphasis will be given to the high density programmable devices and their impact on (general purpose) computing. CAD/CAE issues for reconfigurable computers will be discussed during early parts of the course. The role of reconfigurability in co-design, co-execution, verification, and yield enhancement would be addressed. The course will also address the impact of programmable logic on computer architecture. Software environments for interacting with such computing platforms will also be investigated. It is expected that this course will deliver following objectives:

A breadth and depth of knowledge in the design and analysis of reconfigurable computing systems.

Design and implementation of large working reconfigurable architecture using FPGAs.

A systematic understanding between design and design implementation for building large scale systems.

Documentation of projects in the form of technical reports highlighting the accomplishments, results, their analysis, and thorough presentation.

Syllabus - Spring 2014


Lecture and Othe Reading Materials

FPGA Based Design - Tutorial