Fields and Waves

EE 6316, Fall 2013

Duncan L. MacFarlane


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Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment if you are using Balanis’ Second Edition

HW Solns1, more solns from chap 1

HW Solns 2, more solns from chap 3

HW Solns 3

Homework Solutions by Varun Subramanian

Slater and Frank Solutions


Recommended Homework Completion Schedule


Computer Project -- this is due the last day of class


Working with Fields Handout




Electron on a Spring Model – thanks to Dr. Sonia Quadery


My old Fox and Li Lecture

My old rattler, z-transform lecture

Some graphics on Antennas – thanks to Carissa Roper




An interesting illustration of polarization can be found here:


Agilent’s Polarization Tutor can be downloaded from:




James Clerk Maxwell at 39 years of age (1870)

maxwell 1870